WHERE's my order!

ORDER US-3020278
Where is it? card has been charged, order status, NADA! says I will be notified when it ships, been DAYS!!!

Why so SLOWWWWW!, I’ve ordered from ya’ll before!
sent yall emails, I feel ignored!!!

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This is primarily a user forum. For this particular situation, I would suggest contacting support for an update about what’s going on with your specific order. You can reach them by phone, email or chat…whatever is most convenient for you:

If you still have concerns after speaking to support, elaborate on what your concerns are, and post your support ticket number.

Edit: Ha! Beat @spamoni4 at a response! :slight_smile: (I saw it say you were typing too buddy)


This is a member to member forum. I would recommend contacting Wyze via Phone.


I will get you next time. :rofl:


I was sleeping :sleeping:

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