Where is the ADVERTISED Alexa integration for Wyze Vacuum?

I purchased the Wyze Vacuum in December. On the product page it ADVERTISED Alexa/Google Home coming after launch. Then it was mentioned somewhere that this would happen in Q1 and then in the first half of the year. All of these have come and gone and still nothing.

Where is this feature? Be true to your word and get this released. I am hoping, and have hoped for a long time, to use this in conjunction with my HA hub to finally be able to turn the vacuum on when I leave home and off when I arrive. Right now I have to either use the rigid scheduling or do this manually. Far from ideal and far from what was promised in regards to Alexa/GH integration.

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I can’t find an ad like that in my mailbox. Do you have a copy? Maybe I could pass it up the line.

As of this date, the official status has always been “maybe later” for Alexa integration with the vacuum on the wishlist, so I question whether they ever gave a date. “Maybe later” is the lowest status, meaning they have not even started considering this user’s request yet.

However, you can vote for it to be considered here:

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I’m not sure if an unreliable rag like PC Magazine can be trusted, but this is the article I read in November 2020 before becoming a backer:

" Wyze plans to introduce Alexa compatibility in the first half of 2021, as well as spot cleaning, which will let you send your robot vacuum to a specific spot in the house."

You can also see a response to my question as well:

So either you’re out of touch, PC Magazine is a liar, or I’ve been fed a load of garbage, but Alexa integration is definitely on the roadmap and has been since launch. The question is, will Wyze actually deliver?

This is my first and last Wyze product. It has not taken me long to realize that Wyze is big on promises and short on delivery. The vacuum is nice. I know that it is rebranded for Wyze who makes the software which is terrible. It’s not like they need to be innovative either. The robovac has been around for quite a while now as have voice assistants. Use the libraries available and make this happen rather than fracture and try to support ten thousand new products halfheartedly.

Thanks for the specifics, I’ll see if I can pass this up the line. The @WyzeBlake reference is what I was looking for.


Just a bystander - I have no intention of paying that much for a robot vacuum - but it is surprising to hear they still don’t have Alexa support. My cheap robot vac and many others have it. I kind of assumed it was done by now. (The existing Wyze Skill works fine for many other products.)

This is quite absurd its still not a feature as this is not difficult to implement well. Basic apis enabled this very easily

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Don’t worry, it’s coming online soon.


Thanks for updating @WyzeMingjia . Sorry but I am very skeptical as this has been promised for a long while with nothing to show for it. Similarly, room splitting is still broken for me (can’t split a virtual wall). To say I’m disappointed would be an understatement. I know others feel similarly.

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OMG this just made my day! Can’t wait! Thank you for taking the time to provide an update. I’m happy now knowing that you guys are working on it. :heart:

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Wyze is looking for Alexa testers that have Robot Vacuums!

well I was going to get one as it definitely said it where I saw it too but not to be a beta tester!

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