Where is my Outdoor Cam?

I ordered the Outdoor Cam as soon as I received the pre-order email long ago. At the end of July I received notification that the order shipped. I began checking the mailbox.

A few days later I tried to track the shipment. A shipping label was printed, my card was charged. But the tracking info still said, “waiting for pick up”.

Now, 17 days later the shipping information still shows, “label printed, waiting for pick up”.

Wyze is now telling me it should “really” ship by August 21st.

So much for Early Access pre-order.

The upside of the delay is that I’ve been able to read others reviews. The excitement is lost. I’ll probably just cancel the order.

I got an email on the 12th from Wyze that discussed the delays some people are seeing with their EA orders. In it was this: " If your tracking number has remained in the “Label created” status for more than five days, please let us know so that we can help resolve the issue.

Otherwise maybe @WyzeGwendolyn can help you out.

I hope you can get your excitement back, I’ve had lots of fun with my beta and my EA cameras.

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I received the same email. So I let them know. They replied they hope to have it to me in a couple more weeks.

Considering the underwhelming reviews I asked them to cancel the order. Maybe I’ll order again someday when the product gets sorted out. Considering the track record with “Works with Google” I won’t be holding my breath.

We’re sorry about the shipping delays and how they have impacted you. We know that this has not been ideal and apologize. We’re also working with Google on the Google issues.