Where is my Cam Plus free trial?

I just bought a Wyse Pan, and got the auto subscription to the free trial (btw, it wasn’t optional)

However, the service is not available on my service account, and I’m not able to set up the notifications:

How to use it?

You will find it at the bottom right (account) of the application


Yeah, I saw that, but the notifications do not work.
And I was expecting that I could watch the recorded videos online or on the app. Isn’t it storing the videos in the cloud?

Thank you answering, Gyzmo

In event recording, have you selected detect motion?

In notifications, send notifications must be selected with Person and or All other motion.

You should see your cloud events under Events tab. If not, try to pullout the screen to refresh it.

Thank you Gyzmo,
I was missing the Event record part.

It is giving me notifications now.
What about the video history? Am I able to watch something that happened but was not an event?

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If you want to do that, you must use a micro-sd card. You can record 24/24 like I do for all my cams or just the events only.

If you go in the event tab, when you watch an event(from the cloud) , you can go directly to this event recorded on your card. When you are in live stream, the playback function at the bottom brings you to your recorded stream or events depending what you have choosed.

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With this video, I think it will be easier to understand, I had a skunk visit last night. I took this event for my demo😜

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cool! thank you Gyzmo.

I read the camera description again, and the service description. I had misunderstood how the 24/7 service would work.
I thought it would continuously record and store in the cloud.

Thank you