Where can I get the android app for sideload

The Playstore will not let me download it. I need to side load it so I can install on my Amazon Fire.
Any help out there ?

What Version of the Fire TV Stick are you using? There is an Alexa Skill that you can enable for the Fire Tv Stick, so when you say " Alexa Show me the Front Door" etc, it will show up on your TV.
If you have the First gen Fire TV stick Wyze will not work with it.

Not a Fire Stick. It’s a Fire tablet. I want to control my cameras from it, so I need the app.


You can check out the versions of the APK located here, Not sure what versions are supported on the fire tablet, Even though fire OS is using a lot of the android OS, it’s still is a customized version of android.
looks like the only one showing available for download is Android V2.4.82 (Release date: July 9, 2019)

I know they are listed online also, but I would not want to post a link to the APK’s outside of Wyze for the reason that they could be unsafe, you can search google for Wyze.apk and easily find results that way too.

Edit: let me know how you make out with it :smiley:

It might be easier to download the Google Play store.
If you are sure your Fire will run the apps.

That’s what I did on my Fire 10.
And now I run with that and the latest beta,

I used these instructions 6 months ago to Install the Google Play Store on my Fire HD 8 , works great, I can install any android apps I want now

I did that once on my Fire HD 8. Definitely slowed the tablet down.
I downloaded and used GBOARD . I don’t know if that was the culprit.
I went back to stock and will sideload apps I want.

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Just got amazon fire HD 8 - followed the steps in the video and got google play running but I dont see wyze app show up when I search for it in google play?

Has a new/update made it so we can no longer access wyze app again in fire hd?

Right now you will have to sideload it , What wyze app version do ya want ?

Yes new/update has, caused this problem , wyze is looking into it, it’s a problem with tablets

To confirm, by sideload, do you mean I would have to download an apk of wyze cam and install it that way?

If yes, is the wyze app sideloaded just as stable as when you download the actual app directly from google play or are you more likely to run into issues with a sideloaded app?


Yes , same thing , it is just a copy of that version of the application, just as stable, no difference.
Or you can wait for wyze to fix it