Where can I find “record on event”?

I have SDCARD and have seen multiple mentions of “record on event” functionality that will only record as long as there is motion detected. This would be much better than 'always record" as its so hard to use the timeline to find what you want.

Where is “record on event” and how can I turn it on for sdcard?


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Go to camera settings>advanced>local storage. Click record events only.


I found this in the support section of the website. However, “Record events only” should be edited to read “Record on event” in the article. EDIT: (Hmmm, I guess what is says on that page of the app depends on the version of the app you have installed)


that was it, thanks so much. I was going crazy; I must have glossed over it the first time.


Sometimes the settings are a bit deep, but they are there. :wink:

I’m glad you figured it out.

@DreadPirateRush, I agree.

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The “Local Storage” --> “Local recording to micro SD Card” set to on --> high-lite on “Record Events Only”

Everytime there is motion detected - camera send me notification but once I go ahead and access the camera under “View Playback” but the time line functionality is impossible to find the recording that just happened — #1. How do I find the “Recorded Events”? #2. Why WYZE Cam remove the old GUI where you see “Recorded Events” as a list?

If you know the time of the notification you can find the recording that way.

Read the playback section DreadPirateRush posted.

I don’t remember recorded events being in a list other than the Notifications list.

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A couple things to note. In addition to what @angus.black posted, there is a delay in writing to the SD card, because the full minute hasn’t finished processing in the buffer, so it is possible to go to the Playback before the 1-minute recording has been saved. <= If you go immediately from the cloud notice to playback it simply may not be there, yet.

There are cases where you get notifications, but don’t get SD card recordings (Playback).

There is discussion of a fix on its way in that second thread.

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