Where are you mounting your WyzeCams?

Thanks for all the awesome ideas! I’ll use some of the installation ideas at my shop https://www.upgradecabinets.com


Had two installed for about 3 months with 0 problems. Mounted in NY with temps down to single digits and snow.

I live in northern Alberta Canada and we get temperatures as low as -40F. Not sure any camera will work. Lol. Use my ring cameras outside right now. I have my Wyze cameras taped to inside windows. Maybe a suction cup accessory would help.

“BEWARE OF DOUG” … :laughing:

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Run an extension cord through the attic and use a small round soffit vent to feed the cable through the vent to your camera mounted upside down underneath your soffit. Simply cut in a vent and mount the camera right beside the vent.

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Where’s the usb cable?

How do you have it plugged in? Great location.

The power consumption is between 2-4 watts, depending on whether Night Vision is turned on. Therefore, 4W/5V= 800mA

What about at night? This is for daylight only.

That one I had wire a receptacle up in the attic to plug it into. I tapped into the garage door opened power outlet.

Next to the bug lite is probably going to attract a lot of insect based false motion alerts.


Consider double faced tape



Same here, can’t use the night vision.

We’ve had temps here in Iowa of 20 to 30 below with windchills even lower. Mine are outside under cut out margarine dishes for some protection. They’ve been working great. At $20 each, worth a try.

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Do they continue to work at those temperatures? Last month we hit an amazing -57C with the wind chill.


Two on driveway / front yard with crossing angles.

Three (one being Pan) in garage to cover multiple areas and for extra coverage on cars and contents. Also garages are easier to break into in many cases compared to front doors. And one car can be worth more than all the easily stolen items inside entire house.

Two crossing views in back.

Two of EACH side crossing angles.

I would also note that for all outside cameras there is full LED lighting and night vision is turned off. You get better view at night with color mode and proper lighting over no/poor lighting and night vision / motion lights.

Have the solar panel into a phone charge battery and have the camera into the battery.

Panel charges battery during day and battery runs camera day and night.

What is then mAh battery? The devil is in the details. What temp and weather are also a factor. Just throwing out get a solar panel and a battery is to generic. Good idea for sure just need all the information.