Where are you mounting your WyzeCams?



It’s super flexible for sure. Where are you mounting your cameras at home?


All of my WyzeCams are mounted on top of bookshelves for wide views of the rooms they’re positioned in.


In kids rooms so I no longer have to get off my couch to go see what excuse they are coming up with to delay bedtime :slight_smile:


I have twelve. They are mounted on walls, window sills, shelves… you name it. Almost all are mounted via screws that I drilled into the bases.



I have 3 that are mounted in my windows so that I can see my yards and driveway ( also I can check on my dogs during the day). I have the others mounted up towards the ceiling so I can get a good view of my rooms.


on glass windows, with suction caps, to monitor front & backyards. so far so good. Except, some issues with recording on microCD cards.


One in my garage to monitor the garage door and one in my kitchen so I can monitor 3 points of entry. I need more, but would love to put them outside. Problem is power.


I have them sitting in various places but my next one is going outside under a covered porch in the pool area. It doesnt get splashed or direct sun but it will get humidity. We’ll see how it goes. At $20 its worth a shot :slight_smile:


Positioned in a corner that is not protected. I will be ordering more to replace my other system in the near future







So you ditched the magnet and screwed them in? Please post pictures of your set up or a photo of a camera you have done this to


dvc… You can see a photo here:



On my window sill pointing outside. It has bugs and keeps having to be reset four times a day…now it just will not do anything.



Nice. Question: how are you plugging them in?


That particular one I added an outlet behind the door in that corner of the room. For others, I’ve needed to run longer than the cable supplied by Wyze so I got some 10’ and 15’ micro USB cables from Monoprice which work nicely:


Just put one in a small server room at work. Magnetic to a rack rail and then a zip tie over it to secure it further.


I’ve had one mounted outside under an eave all winter. I just tucked the base into the vinyl siding J channel and ran the wire beside the siding into my screen porch. I’ve had temps in the --6°’s, many days/nights in the teens and no higher than low 20’s for several weeks here in Virginia and it hasn’t missed a beat. As long as it doesn’t get wet it’s probably very OK and for the $25 it was an experiment for me. See pic.


Bought some suction cups with hooks from the Dollar Story. The Wyze cam stand hangs on the hook upside down. You get 2 suction cups 41. Can’t beat it for viewing out the window. It the suction cup you can mount it up high in the window. I also put some black construction paper between the front of the camera and the window. It helps reduce reflections from the sun and lights.



How did you route the cord??


I poked a small hole in the ceiling and ran the cord into my attic. I installed a power outlet in the attic to plug it in.