When will Wyze Cam 3 ship

Can people post here the date ordered and when the wc3 actually shipped so we have an idea? I ordered within a week of the wc3 being available, it hasn’t shipped yet but november isn’t over yet.

I just ordered 2 more but if it doesn’t arrive before Xmas I will likely cancel my order.

Ordered 10/27 and 10/29 and still in “ordered status.

Here is what my orders say

Pre-Order - Ships in November
Order Date: October 27, 2020

Pre-Order - Ships in November
Order Date: November 20, 2020

The very first orders (minutes to maybe a few hours after announcement) are being shipped now (~Nov 20). NEW orders are projected for Dec. Anything further than a few hours after announcement, be patient – there were thousands sold, and this was a pre-order, which meant you paid to manufacture the first units.

I received a has been shipped notice for my v3 cams arriving Wednesday, November 25.

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Same here for my 10/27 order.

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Mine are supposed to arrive tomorrow 11/22, I’ve seen others on the FB groups say they’ve received already.

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My order date was Oct 28, Wyze just send an email that I should be getting my first batch tomorrow.


mine is out for delivery

I ordered 2 on October 27th. Have not heard anything and on my account it continues to show that they will ship in November.

Mine is in the same state, ordered 10/27 shipping in November (hopefully)

Unfortunately this is not always true I ordered it as soon as I got email in october still no notice from Wyze when I’ll get it.

Mine came today and set it up. Picture of night view and there are no lights in my backyard


I pre-ordered a V3 that said shipping in November but the pre-order chart now says December. Where are my cameras. Thinking about cancelling and buying some TPLink cams instead.

@rbess1965 Welcome to the Wyze community!

Wyze started shipping the V3 cams this week. If you ordered in October you should be receiving a shipping notice soon.

Have you logged into your Wyze account yet?

There should be some shipping information with a tracking number available if yours has shipped.

Wyze Account Login

For the record, I checked the shipping status on my V3 cams, and they have been shipped arriving Wednesday, November 25.


Shipments out of my source (Greenwood, IN) are like no others I’ve ever experienced. I am 2-1/2 hours away from them. After picking up the package, FedEx projected 11 days on a 4-7 day shipment. Sigh… Then once they started moving it to another destination, the estimate drops to 5 days. Okay… In the end, it shows up on my porch in TWO days!

So if your dates are out of Greenwood, take them with a grain of salt, lol.

Same with mine out of Greenwood. Said Dec 1, then down to the 25th, then they showed up on my doorstep today the 22nd. It was a nice surprise at least!

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It’s still November :grin:

Thanks I know just saying, have a great Thanksgiving be safe be careful.

I really like Wyze products but I have had it with buying direct from them. Their order processing and shipping is the pits. You pre-order, pay upfront and WAIT! Few updates and when they eventually ship, the FedEx tracking system is the worst. I would think that they make more money through direct sales but from now on I will wait until their products are on Amazon or in the local Home Depot store.
You would think that they would spend time on their direct order system now. I really don’t need a sprinkler controller in November but would have liked to have received the 2 V3 cameras I ordered several weeks ago.

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