When will Wyze Cam 3 ship

Wyze is not known for their fast shipping. It might be on the way. It usually takes me close to a week to get something from them once it is shipped. And don’t feel bad, my shipping date went from November to… Nothing.

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apparently Wyse is learning from their mistakes with the V3 and headphones because they did not give any promises or statements about shipping dates on their new smart watch the premiered today by just taking preorders.

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I saw either in their email or notice saying it ships early February, of course I could be wrong either way just sit and wait, I was hoping for two things 1 it would have been a round 45,46 mm and 2 it was tied into Google fit. But I understand Google is behind when it comes to fitness & health in fit watches. I’m sure Wyze watch will be a good fit for many.

Just checked on their order site it says shipping by 2/28//2021, hope this helps

Ordered Oct 27, just received an email an hour ago that it has shipped. 4-7 days to deliver, seems very long, but it is what it is.

Interesting that I checked this order status today, no status except the cancel option was no longer available, like on my 2nd order. If you can no longer cancel, chances are it will ship soon.

Mine finally left Seattle on nov 28th for delivery on 12/02 and is still stuck on a truck somewhere between there and Wisconsin

I get that they are back ordered but what bothers me is that I ordered mine in October and mine still show as waiting even though many people who ordered in November received theirs long ago. Doesn’t seem right that they aren’t shipping in the order they were received.

I got this today from Jimmy from Wyze:

Wyze Cam v3

30% of preorders have shipped.

Orders from October 27th - October 31st
Shipping estimated by 12/19.

Orders from November 1st - November 21st
Shipping estimated by 12/26.

Orders from November 22nd - November 28th
Shipping estimated by 1/2.

Orders from November 29th - December 5th
Shipping estimated by 1/9.

Orders from December 6th - December 9th
Shipping estimated in January.

But in my orders online, it just says pre order and no shipping date.

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Thanks Jhon, My order reads the same as yours. Hopefully we’ll be in the Dec 19th group. Still don’t understand how some who ordered first week of Nov received theirs already.

This is a follow up on my earlier post about Wyze shipping delays. Received a notice offering early access to the new Wyze wifi plug. Product looks great and the price of $9.99 is attractive. The problem is that the shipping for one plug is $5.99! That is crazy. Yes I know that Amazon ships for free for Prime members and Wyze probably does not have the same rates but that $5.99 charge is nuts! Stop coming out with wifi products every week and get your current business under control.

I’ve tried for a week now to change my order (that isn’t process yet) destination address; it’s impossible from their novice ordering system, and forget about sending any emails to support, because there is no support. Another awesome experience ordering from them.

My Nov 3 preorder arrived today Dec 20th. It got here before the Wyze email projected date at least. Set up one so far and it was a breeze. Now the true test will be tonight for night vision.

Great that you got it. Mine has not been shipped yet but I ordered it a day or two after you. I use my garage for night vision testing and testion solar landscape lights.

Do you know if the V3 cameras or any Wyze cameras can work with 4G internet? My understanding is they won’t work with 5G. I ask because I found an internet service provider using 4G and wonder if I switch will my cameras will be obsolete? Thank you.

To be clear, Wyze cameras will work with ANY kind of Internet so long as they are afforded a 2.4 Ghz WiFi connection.

4G and 3G and 5G are mobile Internet cellular standards and have NOTHING to do with 2.4 GHz WiFi.

You’re confusing 2.4GHz or 5GHz wifi with cellular frequencies. Wyze connects to 2.4GHz wifi

Check out this topic for updated information

When will your pre-order order start shipping?

Thank you, so that would mean I could get rid of DSL internet and look into T-Mobile internet I’ve heard about coming.

Thank you for the response. I feel better knowing I can decide to get rid of DSL internet for T-Mobile internet I heard about.

My order from 11/20 just shipped today!

Must be nice. I ordered well before you and I am still waiting. Not a big deal for me as I just bought it on a whim so when it comes, it comes. Others might not be so happy to get a later shipment than someone that ordered after them. I got my thermostat today. That I am happy about. I hope you enjoy the camera.