When will Wyze Cam 3 ship

Consider them to be optimistic about their timelines like Tesla. It ships when it ships, there’s nothing we can do about it. I’m sure they’re not intentionally keeping everything on hold just to mess with you. That being said any clue how many months until they might start being in home depots? I’ve got a few new in box black v2s I now need to return. Got a little carried away last black friday.

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I ordered V3 on November 6th but I also ordered headphones back in October. I have not had problems with the Wyze products but Wyze service and the shipping they use I have heard nightmares. If these products I have ordered now have delays or problems I will never ever order directly from Wyze again. I will wait until Amazon has them. Most of them on Amazon are a little more expensive but that is because the shipping Wyze charges you directly Amazon add that amount to the product cost and tells you the shipping is free!!

I preordered 2 for my friends, supposed to ship in November. But by what I’m reading here, it looks as if I should wait to order for myself. If everything has been pushed back to Dec shipping, it’s not likely I will see them before xmas…

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The only problems i’ve experienced ordering direct from wyze is innacurate order tracking on their website. That and ordering early access/preorder items, there will always be a bit of a delay. Not sure if the tracking info will be better now that it will supposedly ship via fedex. People have gotten too accustomed to “free” 2 day shipping.

I agree. I really like WYZE products but I will never pre-order anything from them again. I am charged for the order and then have to wait sometimes for months for the product. Other sellers only charge your account when the item is shipped. I also absolutely hate FedEx. Their tracking system is useless. UPS and Amazon do a much better job.

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Check out this post: When will your pre-order order start shipping?

Now WYZE is saying that the V3 camera won’t ship until December.

it’s been stated many times in the forums, if you buy now, it ships in Dec, but if you bought when it launched, it will ship in Nov. Which only makes sense if they sold a ton.


Yes, UPS and FedEx do good on their own but, anything they do in conjunction with the PO seems to get screwed up, lost or misdirected. For me, they have to drop off less than a mile from my home. Be simpler and faster to just bring it to the house

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I honestly cannot figure WYZE out. I am a very loyal customer with several dozen WYZE products, however I will NEVER pre order anything from them again. In addition, if I need a WYZE product, I will buy it on Amazon. That is what confuses me about WYZE. One would expect that they make more by selling direct rather than going through a seller such as Amazon. Amazon, and lately even Home Depot stock their products and Amazon’s delivery is quick and efficient. Some products are available at Home Depot for same day pick up. Their prices are higher than what WYZE advertises but with Amazon the price includes shipping and handling. WYZE really is missing out on profits and their pre-order and even in stock products are a nightmare to order and get quick delivery. WYZE would do well to slow down and clean up their act!

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Well Wyze is relatively tiny while Amazon and Home Depot have spent decades building up internal distribution networks and warehouses, so there’s that…

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The retail only side of Amazon loses billions of dollars. Not exactly something every company can afford to do.

Can people post here the date ordered and when the wc3 actually shipped so we have an idea? I ordered within a week of the wc3 being available, it hasn’t shipped yet but november isn’t over yet.

I just ordered 2 more but if it doesn’t arrive before Xmas I will likely cancel my order.

Ordered 10/27 and 10/29 and still in “ordered status.

Here is what my orders say

Pre-Order - Ships in November
Order Date: October 27, 2020

Pre-Order - Ships in November
Order Date: November 20, 2020

The very first orders (minutes to maybe a few hours after announcement) are being shipped now (~Nov 20). NEW orders are projected for Dec. Anything further than a few hours after announcement, be patient – there were thousands sold, and this was a pre-order, which meant you paid to manufacture the first units.

I received a has been shipped notice for my v3 cams arriving Wednesday, November 25.

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Same here for my 10/27 order.

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Mine are supposed to arrive tomorrow 11/22, I’ve seen others on the FB groups say they’ve received already.

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My order date was Oct 28, Wyze just send an email that I should be getting my first batch tomorrow.