When is Sensor v2 going to be available?

I saw in the latest app notes that support for “sensor v2” is included. I’m wondering when they will be available.

There are a few different answers to this question:

  1. In a way they’re already available and able to be used by people. It’s just that we currently have to at least order the security system monthly subscription at a minimum in order to receive them, at least for now.
  2. In theory, you can make your order now, do the monthly subscription, activate it, then cancel the subscription right away and request the 30 day money back policy. Now you get to keep using your sensors/hub without having to have (or pay for) the subscription. In that sense it’s already available right now. Only downside is that the starter kit comes with a keypad, which can’t be used at all without the subscription…but the point is that you can totally get the V2 sensors without the subscription. When mine came in, I used everything for about 2 weeks before I even activated the subscription. Everything already works great even without using the HMS subscription. Wyze sent out a ton of emails a couple of months ago to people with V1 sensor systems even offering people to get the whole system now and they’d give you the subscription free for a month with a discount code. This meant people could order the sensors right away, not have to pay for the subscription, and could cancel the subscription right away so there was never any charge for it. In that sense, the sensors were already offered without the subscription.
  3. There is no official date announced for when everything can be officially purchased without at least ordering the subscription initially (even if you just cancel the subscription immediately). The closest thing officially stated is that it will be “soon.”
  4. In their email newsletter delivered just today (4/29/21), they announced now is the last call for people to get in on the pre-order pricing for the Home Monitoring System (and also a previous email from Jimmy saying that these sensors were hit hard by global silicon chip shortages iussues). This implies a couple things. Firstly, prices are likely to go up soon. You might as well buy it with the monthly subscription now while it’s cheaper, buy all the sensors you’ll need for a while, then just cancel the subscription and everything will still keep working for you fine the same way the V1 sensors work (just no HMS tab, or Noonlight functionality, no siren, etc). You will almost assuredly get everything cheaper by doing it this way. I highly recommend doing it now. If you wait until it’s officially available separately from the HMS, the price is almost assuredly going to go up and cost you more by that point. Secondly, the last chance notice indicates that they expect they’ll have a ready supply on hand soon, and once it is no longer pre-order, I expect soon after that they will allow them to be ordered separately. So I anticipate this to happen in early summer.

Those are just my insights and suggestions. I don’t work for nor represent Wyze in any way, and they probably would not recommend the loopholes I offered above to get the sensors now at a cheaper rate before prices go up a little, but I’m just reporting the way I see it.


No date has been announced on when they’re available yet. As @carverofchoice said, they’re available with HMS.

The keypad can be used to arm and disarm in test mode.

Yeah, that’s how I use it right now with the subscription, though I was talking about if someone buys the starter kit and cancels the subscription right away, then the keypad is 100% useless. It won’t arm or disarm without unless you’re paying for the subscription. The first two weeks after I set up all the devices, it let me activate the keypad, but the keypad did absolutely nothing at all until I finally got the HMS code and activated the HMS subscription. Until then, it was useless…and so I was just letting OP know they could cancel the subscription, but then the keypad that came with the starter kit (and thus paid for) was basically the only useless expense in going this route. :slight_smile:

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During that time were you able to arm and disarm via the app?

Negative. It allowed me to use everything as if they were the V1 sensors. Contact and motion sensors worked fine and rules worked great, and notifications, but that was basically it. No alarm, no access to arm or disarm (in the app or anywhere else). It even let me “activate” the keypad, but it was totally useless. It did nothing at all, I even held the alarm button, tried arming or disarming, it acted broken and pointless (it wasn’t broken, it’s functionality is just tied to the subscription). The motion sensors still allowed me to set the sensitivity though, so that was cool. I was worried that feature would also be limited to the HMS, but it works without it.

It was kind of cool to try out for 2 weeks without the HMS at all though. :slight_smile: At least I can answer questions about the difference with or without it.

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That’s all good information :+1:

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