What material is the band?

Can anyone tell me what material the band of the Wyze Band is? I may be allergic - developed slight swelling on wrist.

I was wondering the same thing. After wearing it for 6 straight days, I started getting a slight rash too. But, it has been 30 years since I last wore a watch on my wrist for more than a few hours at a time.

Wyze Band materials:

  • Body: Polycarbonate plastic, plastic, gold. Strap: Silicone gel.

Obtained from the bottom of this page under Additional Notes:

@WyzeGwendolyn This info really needs to be conveyed on the product webpage under Specifications > Physical



One of the top reasons to made other bands, I always wore a metal band.

Being able to switch a watch band was fairly easy in days gone by. You just had to deal with the pin.

I can see the challenge Wyze will have with this design. But, it’s not insurmountable.

Sad that no one seemed to consider this at the start. If the skin reaction continues, guess I will have to return the band

I sent this feedback to the team. :slight_smile:


Awesome! Thank you! That should help those attempting to be an
educated consumer, especially those with allergies. I’m glad the
only thing I’m allergic to is BS. lol

It happened to me too, then I took it off at night a few times, gave me a rest from it. Now I can where it all the time.
I’m thinking it’s just an issue for those of us that haven’t wore anything like this. We have to get used to it, toughen up.
Like a new pair of boots, if you ware them too much at first, they will brake you in. You need to break them in.


I noticed a slight irritation. Not bad, but noticable. I’ve always worn a metal band with zero irritation, so I was surprised to encounter this. I’ve never worn a plastic band, but am guessing its the combination of the band having to be a bit more snug for the heart monitor to consistently read right, and that the rubber doesn’t have spaces between links to breathe. I’d rather not mess it up, but I’m debating drilling holes along the half of that has none so it can breathe more.

I would love to be able to add a canvas band to the watch. I too can not wear it at night.

One thing that I noticed helped is rinsing the band and scrubbing it lightly. It seems like when its removed from the packaging, there’s a silicone like residue on it.
When I first put the band on, my wrist was very irritated and red, but not swollen. After I rinsed it off and wiped the remaining residue off, I let it sit for a while until the “new rubber” smell went away, then I put it back on and I was ok.


I’ve worn mine for some time now. It has caused irritation on both wrists (switching wrists to continue wearing it for the fitness aspects). I’m quite used to these types of bands as I have worn multiple other fitness trackers for several years that were made of similar materials. The last one I had I never took it off for nearly a year and never had any skin issues.

It is silicon based. It can cause irritation in some people. There are some spray on coatings that some folks have had success with. You could also wrap the band in cloth, suitably decorative of course.

Why doesn’t Wyze offer a real band replacement - one made out of metal

I agree I wish they would offer some other options for bands. But I have never had a problem with silicon based products as I said in my original post I wore a different fitness tracker that had a silicon based band (though a little more stretchy) for about a year and it never caused me any problems or discomfort. The Wyze band causes irritation within a few days and that’s even with removing it and wiping it down daily letting it dry and putting it back on, its like its drying my skin out or something causing a lot of dry skin and flaking after a few days. Anyways it is what it is I just wish they offered some other options because I love the watch and other things it does I just hate the band.

The skin irritation I’m experiencing is from the charging contacts and not the band. I have to put tape over the contacts in order to wear the band

No - 100% the band

I’m sorry if I gave the impression that I was disputing the source of your irritation. I was just adding that there is another irritation source without creating a new topic thread

Looking at other fitness tracker type bands they all seem to be silicon type bands. I am unaware of any fitness trackers with metal bands. To be honest I think very few watch bands designed for active use are metal. If you are sedentary or primarily work indoors (office worker) like me then I can see a metal band. I have one for my Apple Watch. The way the band connects would make a metal band difficult to produce I imagine.

My bands for my watch are mostly silicon or nylon. I do have one metal link band and one leather band.