What is this stuff?

See, that one is a lot more consistent. The erratic behavior of OP’s video made me think it was bugs…but come to think of it, even when there are several bugs, it would be weird to have THAT MANY so close to each other for so long swarming the same light.

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I see your point. :+1: I have some that look identical to the OP’s. Their footage looks like it was captured at start of dewfall where mine is well past the point (ambient temp is a degree less than dewpoint) so mine shows significantly more droplets. Also, my footage is from 3 stories up from the ground out in the open. OP’s is at ground-level and under an overhead enclosure with plenty of obstacles/windbreaks making wind speed and direction more erratic.

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It’s dust

Agreed, it’s definitely fog/mist
It won’t appear to the naked eye if you go outside, even with decent light.
I see this regularly on outdoor cams on high humidity nights.
With a very bright light , like mentioned above, you should be able to see the mist.

Depends on the combo of temp and humidity. I’ve seen it at times when out in the yard and had my visor mounted light looking for my dog.

My cameras show this when my sprinkler system comes on.

True, me too.
Same experience with the head mounted light. Probably easier when the light is close to your eyes.

Are freq. different for wyze pan cam vs v3.
I have a seperate light for night. I bought and it worked with pan cam. Not as much with

I have the same, exact things on my front camera, not one of the other 15 cameras in proximity show any of this…and it occurs after 1 a.m. each night. Just this one particular camera…weird.

It’s just dust, small particles, reflecting in the light and usualy out of focus

Cosmic rays, obviously…