What is the best wifi router for 75 or more wireless devices

That’s what you’ll want to do for sure.

One more thing you guys can help me with. I have a 24 port switch plugged into my comcast modem. which I use about 15 of the ports for streaming to my tv’s and and about 6 network storage devices and such. Should I now plug the switch into my new wifi router or leave it in the modem?
PS the modem just came.

Hemm, or should I just plug the new wifi router into the switch?

I would 0lug it into the new router so it can determine network priorities. I assume your switch is unmamaged.

If you put your Cable Modem into bridge mode your wiring should look like this:
Cable Modem => WAN Port of Router | LAN Port of Router => 24-Port Switch

Keep in mind, the network found on your new router likely won’t be the same as the network from your cable modem. You can certainly change that within the router though to match it up with what was used on the cable modem before you flipped it into bridge mode.

Thanks, that is what I did. All went well. So far everything connected with no issues. When I went to the Wyze app, everything was off line. A little puzzled I repowered the pan cam that had the bridge for all my sensors and that did the trick. that camera came back online and all the sensors, so I repowered all my wyze stuff and it is all back and working. I tested my switches and lights that use different apps and so far, they are all working great. Alexa came right back as well.
Quick question, if I switch my phone over to the 5g will it still control all the stuff on the 2.4g band?.. Well, I guess it is just easy enough to try so never mind.
Thanks to everyone for all their help.


Awesome and glad to hear it! I stand corrected and @Customer was spot on. I’m glad you didn’t have to setup all of your gear again. I’m not sure what I did wrong years back…I must have changed something without realizing it. In any case, I’m glad everything is working well for you and congrats on your new setup!

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Thanks, I had a few ticks here and there, My garage door opener control needed to be powered down, Also I noticed that my nas drives were off line, but I just rebooted the switch instead of each one and that did the trick. And the 6 port switch I had at my TV needed a reboot as well to get my fire tv, WDTV to work. Its funny, my outdoor cam base is plugged into that tv switch as well, but I just powered it of and on and it worked fine. I will probably run into one or two things that will need some attention, but so far so good. I have 4 raspberry pi’s that are powered down right now, so I will have to check the too.

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Great to hear. Regarding 5Ghz on the phone, that “should” work just fine (if the IP subnet range is the same on both networks and your router isn’t doing any extra isolation).

Thank you for taking it so graciously. So many people flip out in this kind of discussion. :slight_smile:

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Hey no problem and it’s all good. Thanks for the correction.

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Just an update, the TP-Link WiFi 6 AX3000 Smart WiFi Router (Archer AX50) modem I purchased is working out great. The range is so much further than the Comcast, but that was not my issue. There is actually a setting for cutting down the range and I am considering doing that as to keep people from trying to get in. It has accepted every device I have thrown at it and so far I am pleased. I am not a fan of TP link as their customer service sucks, so I hope I don’t have any problems with it. We will see,
When I dump Comcast TV I will probably get rid of their modem as well as it is included in my packate and I will be going just internet so they will probably start changing me rent.
Thanks again for all that have helped.

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