What is "Processing West"? (for the Wyze Bulb)

Before the early access release, there was a hardware beta for the product. That is standard practice before any public release and that “reviewer” may have been part of this. May I ask were you saw that posted?

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He says Wyze sent him the bulbs for a review. Not cool. I paid for mine, and, won’t have them until next week.

I really don’t know if this person got them by participating in the beta hardware test, which could be what he really meant when he said “they sent me for review”. You can apply to be a beta hardware tester here: https://www.wyze.com/become-a-beta-tester/.

On the other hand, I guess it wouldn’t surprise me if Wyze sends out review samples to reviewers who have bona fide history of doing tech reviews on YouTube. That would be part of their marketing efforts and I can’t really fault them for that if that’s what occurred.

He said that he just got it. The beta hardware was sent out months ago. Who are you? I thought that you worked for Wyze.
It’s obvious that he received a free pack of bulbs before paying customers. I can definitely fault them, since the bulbs are not even for sale yet.

I can also fault Wyze for not giving their paying customers, who pre-ordered and are obviously Wyze fans, a chance to review the product.
Adding insult to injury, that guy is just one of thousands of “influencers”.
The fact that Wyze put him over me…disgusting.

I am not a Wyze employee. I am a fellow user, like yourself, who has volunteered to help out moderating the community.

I can understand your frustration with others receiving review hardware before paying customers, although I think it’s probably standard industry practice. I have no knowledge of how much review hardware that Wyze sends out to “influencers” if at all, nor how they go about choosing them.

I will pass this along to Wyze in case they are able to pop in here and provide any background or other info.

I thought Wyze didn’t follow standard industry practice. That is why I admired them.

Well, they clearly don’t follow all, such as charging an arm and a leg for hardware than can be made much more inexpensively. However, I hope they do follow some, such as providing the best possible privacy and security.

That said, I do understand that they operate on razor thin margins. If their marketing team believes that providing samples to reviewers who they deem to be influencers will increase their sales, then I’m all for it. I don’t know more or understand the market better than they do.

I’ll address things here in order. Please let me know if I missed anything! :slight_smile:

“Processing West” means that it’s processing at our West warehouse (the one you’re all already familiar with). One of the methods we’ve been working on for improving shipping speed (sorry about that, everyone!) is adding a warehouse on the other end of the country. “Processing West” is part of the preparation for that.

We did send some review units out to reviewers to help spread the word about our product. We are ramping up marketing efforts but still primarily rely on word of mouth for gaining new customers. We’ve used influencers since our original launch. That said, I will share this feedback with the team for consideration.