What is a badge

I am super late to the smart home technology. I am trying to figure it all out and how to use it. Can someone please tell me what a badge is? They appear to be desired but I have no idea why.

You mean in this forum software? It’s nonsense. Ignore it.

The Wyze app has a section called “Badges” and each product type has an associated Badge showing you have added one or more of the said devices to your account.

Below is a screenshot of my “Badges” which show that at one point I had every product Wyze makes except for the lock and keypad.

There are also sticker/badges you can get if you buy an Early Access product. They usually say “I Backed” followed by the product name.

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More Badges Here.

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Yep those are Forum badges one earns for participation in the forum. I honestly think those are more meaningful.

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Wow talk about misplaced allocation of precious developer resources. :frowning:

Not particularly. Any app when it starts would need to know what devices it should be looking for. As a device type is added a bit is toggled which displays a different icon.

The amount of effort to write, test, and deploy the logic required was minimal over the 2 plus years the app (and badges) were in existence.

Thank you. I see them in the app. Do they do anything? Or are they for any special purpose?

It fuels the pride and accomplishment of the user, imo. :).


I see. Thank you for the info! I know it was a very basic question but it was driving me crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I appreciate the responses!

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So just a toggle, not social networking… Okay.

Their purpose are to make customers think they need to buy every WYZE product to fill up their badge page.
It’s just marketing.

Then they should offer special discounts, rewards or something for having them…

There is the feeling of gratification. :slightly_smiling_face:

:rofl: Oh, that’s where that feeling came from! :+1:

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What is a badge? the OP asks. Let’s check with an (admittedly unrepresentative by current standards) neighbor down south:

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