What happened to Cam Plus?

Over the weekend I did start getting AI event labels for persons and vehicles on my V2 and WCO. I didn’t see an app update but the iOS app has some changes in the staffing and uploading up videos. The go rid of tags for Missing Detection and False Detection making it less ambiguous.

Way things are going, my AI isn’t working either, may be time to leave what was once good snd start looking again.

Tripp’s IPhone.

There’s another thread regarding this same issue.

This was just posted
Reference: https://wyzelabs.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015979872


February 3rd 1:00 AM PT Scheduled Maintenance

The Wyze app and Wyze websites will be down for scheduled maintenance on February 3rd at 1:00 AM PT. Here’s the scope of impact:

For Wyze Cams:

  • Event videos will become available after service is restored.
  • Notifications from during that time will be delayed.

For Wyze Sense:

  • Actions that would be triggered by Wyze Sense in the maintenance window will not work.

For Wyze Lock:

  • Keypads will still work without the cloud service.
  • Unlocking with the app and auto-unlock WILL NOT function during the maintenance window.

For Wyze Thermostat:

  • The thermostat itself can work without internet but heating/cooling usage data and HVAC filter life data will be lost.
  • Geofencing may not work.

Thank you for your attention!

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Thanks. Hmm, no estimated completion time.

I am still not receiving AI notifications ony 4 outdoor cameras. I have cam plus on all 4 but only being tagged as motion. I NEED my AI notifications to work. This is the purpose of me paying for it. They have not been working for over a week now. Please fix ASAP!

I agree. The thing that I loved most about Wyze was how they were dedicated to making quality cameras affordable for everyone. I bought multiple cameras. I got other people to buy their cameras. Now I won’t recommend them at all and I’m searching for myself for another brand. These cameras glitch all the time now, so many problems that I wish they would just focus on perfecting what they already have instead of going to vacuum cleaners and lightbulbs and things first. Stick with the original goal that made you a great company which was to make quality cameras affordable for everyone. i’d rather have them perfect what we started out with than to have things like package recognition and pet recognition when those things don’t even work. Half the time my cameras stop detecting everything and I have to shut them down and restart them or delete them entirely and re-install them. why don’t they perfect recognizing the difference between a cloud passing by the sun cost causing shadows and an actual person? If they can’t get that right why do they think they’re going to get package detection right and other such things? he also used to be very responsive when you write in with a problem now it’s hard to find a place to do that and get a response that makes any difference. Also, in their app all of the pop-ups that come up when you’re trying to hurry up and see who’s at your door you can’t do anything until you respond to their pop-ups. Those should not be happening either. I don’t feel this is the same company that started out as a caring company it seems the caring has switched from the customer to their wallets. Sadly.