What does Pick/Pack mean in shipping?

OK, so my Wyze security system has the shipping status of “Pick/Pack” so I do a search for “Pick/Pack” and get nothing. I search the forum and see where someone asked the question but no answer. Can anyone tell me what that means? Maybe “Processing” would be a bit clearer is that is what is going on?
Also Mrs or Mr wyze, if you use terms like this, you should add them to your search engine so people like me can look it up and know what your talking about.

Yeah, the description of status could be a little more clear. On a prior order for a camera, my order status was pick pack for 4 days and then it shipped and the shipping took about another week.

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Picking and packing means that the order needs to be picked from the Wyze warehouse by an employee and packed for shipping. Just because an order has this status, doesn’t mean it’s actually being packed, it might be waiting to be picked or packed.