What do you think of A Space Heater

I have successfully hacked a wyze plug for a walk switch. Not pretty but only used to control garage lights based upon garage door operation. Would not use anywhere else in the house.

I still would like a leak detector for my water heater pan. Maybe one by the washing machine and another under the dishwasher.

I guess I should have plastered my post in smilies. Just so there’s no misunderstanding, that post about the toilet seat was sarcasm; tongue in cheek. Kinda like the idea of a Wyze space heater ought to be.

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Yup, (mostly) taken as such. :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s clear that COVID is a respiratory infection, but as the CDC article states, it appears in human stools and can be aerosolized by the churn caused by a flush.

Also, a touchless bidet would eliminate the need to manually flush by handle or button or having to touch the lid. This has been done by Biobidet, Toto, and other manufacturers, but it’s very expensive. Wyze could probably do it at a lower cost with their manufacturing connects.

Agreed 100% with those saying Wyze needs to stop and debug the products they already have, they are spreading themselves to thin>
We hit 117 as well recently here in Arizona…ZERO need for space heater, even in winter.


A space heater??? No thank you. Please put more resources to the cameras. Respectfully, the company seems to be going off track with all of the other products. How about a doorbell? I’ll buy that in a heartbeat. How about an outdoor camera with wired power? How about a security system with a DVR?
I love ya, Wyze - but stay focused on what got you here.

Totally agree! Please focus on fixing the bugs to the camera software and developing your camera products first! You don’t need to stretch your programming engineers thin with a litter of products not related to cameras.

Shh, don’t say “litter”. They’ll want to join the automatic catbox cleaning market.

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I own quite a number of condos and townhouse and I have been adding electric fireplaces to them… The kind with crystal rocks and LED lighting (color, intensity, pulsating). These all have remote controls and optional radiant heat, So I could see something like an electric fireplace controlled with an app or Alexa/Home as being very useful. I’m always afraid of my Airbnb renters leaving it on, but most wireless plugs or outlets have wattage limitations. An integral wireless control would be ideal.

Yeah, one of your best best responses.
“The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates that more than 25,000 residential fires and more than 300 deaths are caused each year by space heaters. More than 6,000 Americans receive hospital emergency room care annually for burn injuries associated with room heaters.”
Back to the drawing board!
(I know this is an old thread, but just read it completely today)

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Never did hear those survey results. And the OP has gone deep undercover.

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I doubt we will ever see the results. As the comments came up, I saw at least 80% saying NO Heater, Fix what you have.

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Come on Wyze … we don’t need a smart space heater.

There are more products you can make including a water sensor which should be easy and small.

Also, can you make bulbs with a candelabra base for ceiling fans, porch lights, etc.

How about a flood light with the motion sensor built in ?

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Oh I like those ideas, especially the candelabra base. That would be nifty.

I’m all for new types of sensors.

I have never understood why everyone wants leak detecting sensors though…I don’t think I’ve ever lived anywhere that had a sink, toilet, washer or anything else leak on my floor, and I’ve pretty much always lived in old homes, my current house was built in the 50’s (front half anyway…back half in the 70’s), and leaks have never been a problem from any of those things…though we did once get a little bit of water leak through the foundation onto our basement in one room after an insane rain/snow storm before we put up rain gutters to ensure that never happens again.

Is it really that common for everyone? I’m not arguing, and I’m not against such sensors, I honestly want to understand why water leak sensors are so highly requested since my experience is that such leaks happen to me like once every 40 years.

I’d think a Siren can basically be built into the V3 cam, even if it is just the regular speaker playing a siren sound at full volume. I think that’s all Eufy does with their “siren” on their cams, and it seems sufficient.

Again, I’m for as many type of sensors as possible…but even more I’d like more stable and reliable products and programming. It can be frustrating how often my contact sensors go down, or there are problems connecting to and controlling my Wyze “smart” lights.

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Funny I was just talking with the family about how we need leak sensors and Wyze doesn’t have them. We have had washers flood across several rooms, hurricane related surge flooding destroy our entire first floor, a corroded leaking dishwasher supply line trash a kitchen floor, and later a leaking icemaker supply line flood the same kitchen floor (hint: never use steel braided hose from Home Depot), all within a few years. Just last week we had to replace a leaking name brand faucet that was only a few years old. That’s without getting into any actual plumbing leaks or toilet overflows or laundry sink clogs.

In short, stuff happens.

Imagine commercial airline crashes - extremely rare but so catastrophic that they make a permanent mark on the psyche of many people.

All it takes is one collapsed ceiling, or one floor of storm water ruined insulation & sheet rock to change your world view, and that kind of stuff is vividly covered in the news now.

If you do the math, most people who buy whole house generators often (not always) spend much more on the system that they would ever lose in frozen food or hotel bills if forced to evacuate. But Generac is doing a great business now protecting against “relatively rare but potentially catastrophic” events.

Similar to you, I was probably 40 years old before I heard that rubber washing machine hoses bursting and flooding houses was even a thing. Now I have a $25 Wyze cam watching the laundry room so I sleep better when away from home. Cheap insurance!



Well, so is rotating those valves closed when you’ll be away for a while…


Very true! A number of our valves are aged and it takes a certain amount of reefing in either direction to get them not to drip. So sticking the cam there was just easier and faster that doing the correct thing and repacking or replacing the fittings. Doesn’t prevent the problem occurring, but at least I know about it. The need for toys combined with the power of lazy! :grinning:

Also I usually tend to forget to shut them off until about 100 miles away… :disappointed:


New Wyze product idea! After they perfect the space heater, remote controlled Smart Water Valve!

What could go wrong?

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