What do you think of A Space Heater

You make a good point!

Yeah… most people use Nest/Ecobee/etc and turn their actual furnace on, instead of a fire hazard. Running a space heater unattended is very likely to void insurance…

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Wyze … come on and get your act together ! Why don’t you listen to the customer base you have now . You asked for our input and we give it to you using the wish list.
With the recent announcement about Free Person Detection going to subscription based I think Wyze has lost their way . They need to focus on their customer base they have now and fill the gaps and fix the current product issue and features
I don’t trust Wyze anymore . I don’t like investing in product from a company that is all over the board . I have canceled my outdoor camera order and will probably not purchase any other Wyze products. Time to move on… Can’t say it has been fun, just very frustrating dealing with all of the issues and trying to understand your direction.

Still waiting on current product features / improvements .

Would rather have a door bell ( Never mind you will charge me for Person detection ) ,
Smart Garage Door Opener, ( Oh wait too late I purchased one and works great) .
Thermostat ( Oh wait too late again - I purchased one and works great ) .


NO THANKS, don’t want a fire hazard that starts automatically.

Yes to environmental sensors and solar for outdoor cam though.


never knew this.

definitely seals the deal for me, i won’t be buying anymore wyze cameras.

think i’ll switch to Eufy, bit more money, but local storage, face recognition and they work.

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Not questioning your decision, just mentioning…

Since you joined before Nov 2019 you should have received an email, but you can read it at the top of this very active discussion

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Take a good long look at this tippy little thing and tell me you’re fine with that turning on unattended from a phone app in your car or from you rolling over in bed, blasting enough heat to melt plastics.

What… a space heater… like some kind of smart space heater… what…seriously…how about a smart wall switch (have hacked a plug to use as a wall switch) to compliment the rest of your other products would not be hard to do. A space heater??? Not interested. Just use a wyze smart plug to control a space heater. No No No…
Just received a defective bridge in a WYZE starter kit… (replacement on the way thank you customer service) Focus on current product improvements and quality control.

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This is what it would look like?? Nevermind… no Space Heater for me.

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I use a Wyze Plug to control a small Duraflame space heater in my bedroom. The heater is always in the ON position. The smart plug allows me to turn on my heater a few minutes before I go to bed, and it also allows me to set the timer to turn it off.

My heater does not have a thermostat (it was a gift from someone who never thought to look for that.) The ability to set a timer is essential when it comes to not baking myself.

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i’L bUy 10 SpAcE hEAtErS iF tHeY cOmE wItH lAnDsCaPe MoDe FoR mY iPaD

Oddly, after completing the survey, I couldn’t submit my answers because “too many people have already responded.” Um, what?

So let me answer here:
What’s missing from my current space heaters is the unreliable “me too” quality that Wyze brings to every product. I’m sure you’ll nail that once again with this new misguided project. Good luck!

Well the important thing is that @WyzeChuan is so actively engaged in the thread he or she started a week ago and after 100 posts and XXX survey responses. Oh, wait. He or she has disappeared.

As with any customer service representatives from wyze.

The best way to gather requirements for a new product that most thought they didn’t need is to throw a bone and let everyone chew. :grinning: If you look carefully at the profile, Chuan has been actively watching us chew.

“The maximum number of people have used this form”

This is a very bad idea. I live in the northeast US. Every holiday season numerous homes burn down because of space heaters being used to heat areas and people forgetting about them; plugging in to inadequate wiring; or placement too close to flammable items.

I can think of few products that would be less suited to the Wyze product line.

It’s probably a very easy item to source in Asia. Importing this may seem like quick money but you will regret doing so the day someone starts a home fire with it. Even if you manage not to be legally liable, your brand will be associated with a cheap dangerous item.

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Do not attribute to craft that which is more readily attributable to sloth and ordinary incompetence. I’ve read the survey (the one that is already closed). There is no overarching plan or design. If he or she gave a crap they would guide this conversation, not abandon it.

It would not come on if it was on its side or it would turn off if tipped over.

Yes the wyze plugs are wonderful for simple controls :+1:

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I read the survey and submitted it even though I don’t plan on buying a smart space heater. Oh wait… I said the same thing about the Wyze Scale. I’m glad I retired from product development… my chronic headaches are gone. :slightly_smiling_face: