What bug fix is the wyze cam v3, beta firmeware Beta

I am not sure what lie you are referring to. But I have read the posts where it was indicated that they were working on an RTSP FW for V3. But realize, this is not the standard FW as with the V2.

I for one, have been using V3’s and other Wyze Camera’s and they have been doing exactly what I needed them to do and what Wyze has indicated they would.


For me it was the motor controls that were disappearing and reappearing. Good I figured out by access Cam2 then coming back to Cam1 then I get to see motor controls options.

The next issue was the time sync. App was ignoring my request to sync the time so the clock being displayed was off by days and seconds.

Person and object detection is now working.

All is good now.


I have noticed a lot of buffering when streaming to Echo devices on this update.

If cameras are working, why do so many rush to update firmware? I sometimes wait weeks or even months, simply because there really is no problem to fix.
I do understand of course the urge to update in case someone does have an issue.
But for most users, why rush?

Being that this is a Beta program the whole purpose is to download and find bugs and report so the public release is less likely to have all these problems.


SImple, there are some where the camera’s are not fully working or experience some issues. Logs are submitted, reviewed and if the problem is found a fix is put in place. In addition, they are getting all of the Camera’s using WEBRTC to make them more efficient. Cam V2 has been completed and now they are working on getting V3 and WOC updated as well.

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The more people who test beta firmware when it is released, the faster and smoother the regular updates go.

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Yes, fully agree with Beta.
But even when FW has been released, people seem to rush to update.
That is what I don’t get (unless of course they have devices that are not working properly).
With Wyze, it hasn’t happen in the three years I’ve had the cams (v2, Pan, V3). Not a single time.

I’m waiting for a firmware for the v3 for the static noise issue, but i don’t think they have fix for that. Looks more like a hardware issue. You can hear the static noise from the speaker in the back and on view playback in the app.

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