What are you using your plugs for?

So I have the bulbs, so I don’t need plugs on my lamps. I can’t really think of where to put my plugs. Maybe on my wife’s flat iron in case she leaves it on. Other than that I’m drawing a blank. My appliances don’t need them. Just curious about what everyone else is doing with them.

I do remember someone mentioning plugging in their wyze cam into it in case they need to reboot the camera.


Have a couple lamps with multiple bulbs and don’t want to put four Wyze Bulbs in one fixture. String of lights on our patio, and indoor holiday lights.

The plugs are really only good for dumb appliances, or as some have mentioned using them to power cycle problematic cameras or wifi routers.

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Probably not a good idea to try to use it to cycle a router. Once you turn it off, the router will be offline and you won’t be able to turn it back on remotely (assuming the plug is running through that router). BTW, there is a device made specifically for this called EZ Outlet.


My back has been acting up. My heating pad doesn’t have an auto-off function. So I plugged it into a plug and made a rule to turn the plug off after it’s been on for an hour. That way I won’t forget to turn off the heating pad.


I’m replacing some etekcity plugs i’ve used over the last few years. Wyze plugs don’t block the other outlet like the etekcity, plus the integration with all my other Wyze products.

Currently the only thing I’m using a plug for is to turn on a lamp which has no light switch using voice commands from Alexa. In the past I’ve used the plugs to turn on and off a heater in our bedroom, and they are awesome to schedule your Christmas lights inside and out.


I don’t have my Wyze Plugs yet, but I have quite a few (18?) other plugs. Here are some things I use them for:

  1. Lamps (I have so many lamps)
  2. Dehumidifier
  3. Air filters
  4. Aquarium lights (multiple scheduled on/off periods)
  5. Aquarium filters
  6. Hair straightener (wife always panics as we leave the driveway wondering if she left it plugged in :slight_smile:. Problem solved.)
  7. Laser printer (turns off at night to save power, back on when I get home)
  8. Gazebo hanging lights (outdoor, scheduled dusk to 3am)
  9. Garden string lights (outdoor, scheduled dusk to 3am)
  10. Shed shop lights (motion activated after sunset)
  11. Indoor Christmas lights (seasonal)
  12. Christmas bells (string of real bells that plays Christmas songs, seasonal)

I have mine set up on two saltrock lamps my wife uses as night lights since the bulb is such an odd little bulb vs the standard bulbs wyze currently produces. If they made controlable bulbs for those and high output bulbs for outdoors (backyard/ driveway) I would love those as well.

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I have a 50/100/150 3-way bulb on my end table that I had an old-school timer on. I replaced that old, dumb timer with a Wyze Plug so I can make changes on the fly or whatever I need. Also means I can turn it off / on with voice via Alexa, assign it to Echo Guard, and use Wyze Vacation Mode. I will also use the plugs for my christmas tree and other interior christmas decorations.

I’m going to use a plug to turn on my wife’s makeup lights when she opens her makeup cabinet. The main power switch on the power stripe failed. Now she won’t have to worry about getting shocked. :wink:

I am using a timer to control the lighting of a couple of glass sculptures. I may replace that. Still working on other uses. But, some of the ideas here are good. :grinning:

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I used my plug last night to charge my tablet before I went to bed. Usually the tablet is plugged up and charging all night when needed. This time I set the timer to turn off after 2 hours. This morning the tablet was fully charged and the plug turned off. Perfect! I will be using these on my cameras too so I can power cycle them remotely if needed. Love the plug so far. :slightly_smiling_face:


Update: I did learn from this that if you set up a new “has been on for x” trigger, it won’t trigger if the plug is already on, until you turn off and then back on.


I’m just replacing all my current plugs from 3 different manufacturers (wemo, tp-link, smart life)

the various plugs are used for a smart garage door opener, 3 salt lamps, fan, a rope light about kitchen cabinet, and I have a couple on wyzecams to power cycle

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I use plugs for Christmas lights, roof ice melt cables. Kitchen appliances do I can know their off when I leave the house. Bathroom items for the same reason.


Sound/white noise machine. Use Google Home goodnight routine to turn it on along with shutting off lights and other things. Other uses already mentioned.

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I’m using mine to cycle my Wyze cams each night.

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Once I receive them, I’ll be using them to control the 48" LED bars that I have lighting my garage. Plus a couple of table lamps that currently do not have smart bulbs. Eventually, I’ll probably replace the two Kasa plugs that I have just to consolidate on a single provider.

If they were rated for outdoor use, I’d use them for holiday decorations. May use one or two for that purpose indoors.

I power cycle my cameras through the rules every night at midnight. Is this different?

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I use a different brand that I started using before Wyze introduced their plug. I use mine primarily for lamps but the most useful purpose is to turn our hot water circulator pump on and off. Prior to that I had to use a timer and often didn’t have hot water when I wanted it. Now I just tell Alexa to turn on the hot water and a minute or two later it’s available. I can just as quickly turn the circulator off when I’m done. What an improvement both in convenience and energy use!

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