We're ready, how about you? The 2.3 App is unveiled to public

It’s great having 2-factor authentication, but how can I add a backup number that’s not US or Canada? I have a second SIM card which I use when I’m travelling which has a different country code, and there’s nowhere to enter the country code for the backup number. Which makes me wonder why you didn’t use the token method for 2-factor authentication (used, e.g, by Google and Microsoft)? Wouldn’t that avoid the need for a backup number?

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Set up 2FA in the Account section of the Wyze app.

This is a great update. I am very impressed that the Wyze team delivered an updated that delivered some of the most requested features and only called it a v2.2 to v2.3 update. The features and fixes are coming at a good pace, especially when you consider the cost of the devices.
I am excited for the Wyze Sense and Max Drive products, but since I live in Canada I will probably have to wait for Amazon.ca to carry them.

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Anyone else accidentally hit the off button by accident on the camera when trying to touch the camera to open it? I wish it wasn’t so easy to accidentally turn on and off the camera. Maybe there should just be a status light saying if it’s on or off insteas of a big icon on the home page. Or maybe there should be a setting to hide that on/off button if you don’t need to have it on the home page on the cameras.


Also, my wyzecam live view keeps exiting to the home screen on its own and it says refresh list failed when viewing the old app on my old tablet. I didn’t have this issue before updating to the new app on a separate device.

Hmm…I downgraded the app and I still get the refresh list failed and it kicks me out of the live view on my old tablet… Maybe it’s not the new app then.

Looks good you all, well done. I’m guessing this was a fair amount of work.

FYI, on Android, the new feature to download Event videos (12-sec cloud clips) to local storage places them in this Android folder:


which on my 6.0 device shows up in the Google Photos app:

  • on the Photos tab (individually)
  • and on the Album tab (collectively) in the Camera album

Didn’t see a setting to change the download location though i may have missed it.


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Nice job wyze team :+1: You got that out quick

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I’m generally liking it so far. Only thing is that when I’m watching a cam the screen keeps going to sleep without any activity. It doesn’t stay away without constantly touching it like it used to.

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Very cool update :+1:, I am really liking the device on/off button on the home page and the 2FA, so far all improvements are working AOK on my Andriod !
I have opt’d NOT to invest in other security camera’s, because of Wyze’s commitment to R&D and continued excellent customer support. I look forward to Google working with Wyze to roll out the interface with Google Home !

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Is anyone else on Android experiencing screen time out? Prior to this update, my screen never timed out while watching livestream. Now, it does. I have not found anything in the app settings to change this. Current workaround is to keep screen on for 10 minutes in main phone settings. My phone is Samsung Galaxy S10. Any suggestions are welcomed.


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Is there a way to hide the on/off button … totally agree, the icon is too big…turned off my camera by mistake… should have option to hide it.

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Several other reports of this

Wyze is aware of the issue with screen timeout on Android. To track it down, it would be helpful if anyone experiencing this issue would submit a help request from within the app and include the app logs. Click the Account tab, then Help & Feedback.


Yeah I have had issues with the livestream cutting off after some time with Android 9.0. Downgraded to the previous app and it works again. On my other Android 8.0 phone, the livestream still works but you have to plug in the phone.

After updating the Wyze app to Android 2.3.16 on both my Galaxy Tab S running Android 6.0.1 and my Galaxy S8 Plus running Android 8.0.0 have the screen timeout isssue.

Submitted a support ticket yesterday, as you suggested…


I discovered I am also having Screen timeout issue With app 2.3.16
Sent logs Ticket 213798

Hello @HDRock, I brought this issue up to Wyze and they should be speaking about it in the near feature.


Interested in downgrading the app to workaround the screen timeout bug for the time being.

Is there a way for wyze to host the official apks for the previous versions or post the file checksum so that we can check the integrity of files hosted by third parties?

Thank you.

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Hello @johnbit, sorry but the only files that are available from Wyze are older firmware versions to flash onto the cameras if need be.