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Hi Reconboy

I don’t have a facebook account, nor do I want one. Can you post your tinycam steps here so I can see them?



Just ordered 2 of the latest version. Can’t wait to put them to use and explore the capabilities.


Hi All,


I’m Kevin and my first camera is back-ordered however, based on your postings I think I’m gonna love it! I was really surprised to see people with five and six of them. At any rate I live in good old Georgia USA, I’m retired after a 38 year career with the same company when I retired I was the manager of global customer support but I held several different positions over the years. I look forward to getting my can and hopefully joining both Alpha and Beta tests.

Good Day to you!






Just received 3 of V2.

Worked immediately.

It is such a perfect blend of simplicity and function.

Things work. Work first time. And none of the complexity so normal with video stuff.

PS: The dog will have trouble hiding his bad behavior!


Bob P


James from the Dominican Republic. I purchased 5 of the V2 as soon as I saw them advertised.

The spin worked, and my cameras work as good as the spin. I hope some day I am able to watch all of them live at the same time on my computer.