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Thanks for helping out milehiguy for me, folks! I should definitely switch away from saying DMs in that thread… I spend so much time on different social media platforms that it bleeds over sometimes. :sweat_smile:

I had a lot of fun with discobot. I sent it an adorable baby tapir! :slight_smile:


FWIW … at first I was a bit apprehensive, but am starting to really like the new forum setup and feature set. :+1:


That’s great! We’re so stoked to hear it! :smiley:

That is what I am used to ,Example : I will send you a PM Or I will send you a message

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Strike through. @WyzeGwendolyn @Loki Why can’t I strike through text when I edit one of my earlier posts when new information proves the comment incorrect or unclear? I could just delete the text, but once people have “liked” it or referenced it in another post, I feel strike through is a more honest way to make it clear for newer readers. Strike through allows me to leave the text as originally posted, yet edit to add text with updated information.

The site supports HTML, so put “del” enclosed in <> before the text and “/del” enclosed in <> after it. like this


I like it! Now, if I can only remember it.


Is there a way to change the order of the posts to most recent? So far I can’t find a switch.

Depends where you’re looking. Generally, most recent order is the default (look at the Activity column to see the recency). If you are doing a search, there’s a menu to choose the order.

Wonderfull product, i’m waiting for my 3dr camera. By the way i’m from Quebec and your products work’s well, thank you and your team jeep the good work :slight_smile:

Would love to see both tutorials but you just lost me at “just and say”. rofl

Quick check, can you see the @ discobot tags that should be after “just” and “say”? I could see that being very confusing without knowing you’re supposed to tag the tutorial bot!

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