Welcome To Our New Forum! (Instructions Here)




Welcome to the updated Wyze forum! We’ve switched to a different forum provider and this has opened up new features and possibilities. Here are some of the new features enabled by this switch:

  • New section - Roadmap
  • Post flagging
  • Direct messaging
  • Easier media uploads
  • Easy to search subject tags
  • User tagging
  • Better email notifications
  • User trust levels

We’re excited about being able to improve the forum experience and we hope that you’ll enjoy these changes, too! If you have any feedback for us, please post it in the feedback thread here:

If you want to explore features of the forum, there is a New User Tutorial run by Discobot and an Advanced User Tutorial available as well. Just @discobot and say, “@discobot start new user” to begin the beginner tutorial and after you finish that use, “@discobot start advanced user” for the advanced tutorial. You can do this in your DMs instead of in a public thread (which will help prevent clutter).





Love it. Thanks for importing over all the previous content!



You’re welcome! Thanks for your patience with us as we made this transition. :slight_smile:


I have used this forum software before. This is one of the best. Thanks for choosing this.


You’re welcome! We’ve been impressed and happy with this choice. Glad you enjoy it, too!


Where’s all the previous content?


All the previous content has been migrated over. Some of it was mapped into different categories than in the old forum. It should be easy to find what you’re looking for by searching.


Did you post anything that was missing? Please let us know so we can investigate.


@discobot doesn’t know the difference between :herb: (upper case) and :herb: (lower case) eventhough the forum is not case sensitive with the emoji…


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


I hadn’t caught that!


I’ve been watching the old forum for weeks, waiting for it to be updated.
I have it bookmarked, and keep a browser tab open on the top page. The first sticky topi says:
" [New Forum Coming Soon! (Current Forum Read Only on Oct. 29th)]

I had no idea a whole new forum had been set up here, at a different URL. Just stumbled on it, thanks to the monthly email.

You really should post a notice on the OLD forum, directing people who are camped out there to this new one.