Weird Lights Captured

Thanks Newshound.


No. If the camera turns back on, say due to a power interruption, that will not launch the app on your phone.

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Two strands of spider webs, without a doubt.
Probably the beginning of a web, caught in a draft, reflecting the ir.
Either that or they’re spirits from beyond. :rofl:
They’ve come to borrow a rake. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That looks like headlight reflections. Two moving in unison, possibly a reflection from something as a car drives by or turns . I would say try to recreate it.

Definitely not headlights…this is from my backyard. I had like 6-7 videos, all similar to this. Turns out it was just dust particles.

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I’m getting the same thing off my camera randomly as well. Some times they float and move slowly and the other time it flew by the camera and the third and most recent it was like a string of them. What could it be? It will not let me upload the video since I’m a new user

Bugs and spiders, most likely.

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Its bugs

Is there a window in that Garage? it almost looks like a set of headlights, passing by and the window reflecting to the cam and doubling up on it.

Just my thoughts.

LOL I have captured the exact same light formation on my Wyze cam. This make just as much sense as anything else I’ve heard.

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I have the same thing but are we sure it’s bugs or dust? I had some raccoons run scared of those sets of lights the other night and hardly anything scares a raccoon from my experience. They’re more then used to my cams so I doubt it’s the IR.

UFOs in the sky maybe but not in a garage. Unless they are micro Aliens…ehhh…argh…runnnn…they’re after us grab a roll of foil. :joy::grin:

Well some Know it All said it was a spider web, but I have never seen a spider web or spider fly.
I have had dreams of being chased by a swarm of Nano UFO’s through a park before, that is what my lights reminded me of. I would like to find a logical explanation but the illogical idea of a UFO is much more intriguing.