Website Issues - // pages intercept the CTRL-F


The // pages intercept the CTRL-F keyboard entry to open the website search dialog, rather than allowing the browser to open its page text search dialog. This happens on Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers. This is actually a bug, not a feature. It’s important to retain the browser’s text search capability on a loaded page, especially on the forum pages.

Side note: this “create a new topic” dialog is confusing or dysfunctional. Under the Category drop-down there is no appropriate category and searching returns no category found, forcing me to pick any category because otherwise I can’t enter text in the body of the message. If I click on the “Create a new Topic” link, it shows an entry box for “Add a user”. What use? I’m already logged in. Does it want my email or want me create a user name? So, anyway, I type in my message and there is no “Submit” button, but a “+CREATE TOPIC”. How is this “create topic” different than the “create topic” at the top? Bottom line, the method to create a topic or submit a message should and can be more streamlined. Thank you.

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