Web View Audio?

Why is there no audio during live Web View through my browser, yet there is audio on event playback? Strange as there’s a speaker icon that you can mute or unmute.

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Because they haven’t fixed it yet and it’s considered beta.

(This was conveniently already in my paste buffer. :slight_smile: )


Here it is mid March and still no audio in web view. Sure would love to be able to hear when the baby is crying while I’m gaming. Any update?


Sound still not working in WebView. I too am trying use use this as a baby monitor. Updates?

A temp fix would be to use your phone at your desk, with the app open to that camera?.. I have an old Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that sits in front of my keyboard at my computer for that type of purpose, monitoring the camera of my choice.

If I were handing out “Beta” and “Alpha” designations, Wyze Web View would barely earn the “Alpha” Designation


Any updates here? This strikes me as a pretty key missing feature.


trivial functionality

over a year !..

Web View is still in beta and being worked on. It has not been over a year quite yet though as the beta of it started in November of 2021.

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