Weather Station with camera overlay of data

I can’t like/upvote this enough. I currently have a BloomSky and Storm setup. I like it. But. And there’s always a but. It constantly looses connection. Not to mention it is getting older. Which could be the cause. Nonetheless if Wyze would release one soon I would snatch it in a second to replace the current solution I have

I’ve been looking seriously at weather stations recently. I haven’t installed my Wyze thermostat because I would lose my connected outdoor temp/humidity. Plus I’ve wanted to have a weather station to add to Wunderground since I discovered the website. As a Wyzer, anytime I look at iot techie products I think, ‘geeze, I wish Wyze…’. Of course I know there are many low-tech products to accomplish this.

Future Wyze Thermostats could be made to readout data from the station. Maybe there are other opportunities for integrating weather station within the ecosystem.

This isn’t going to be used as widely as bulbs or plugs, obviously. But, it is one that I think could introduce multitudes of potential customers to Wyze. I live on a golf course. If I had a Wunderground connected Wyze station, I would let the clubhouse know to let golfers know they could check weather at my 10th Fairway Wyze station. I would also send out a link on Nextdoor, add a link in my AirBnB listing, and put a QR code on a sign near the fairway.

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Hi TB, I’m not trying to be thick, but what do you mean ‘as an overlay for a camera’? I’m not sure what I think you mean is what you mean. Thanks

I have only a couple of cameras I look at a lot, the others only as needed. It would be great that if you are looking at, let’s say a camera either looking outside or is outside, having some of the weather station information displayed on the video, overlaid, so to speak.
Yes I love to see a great weather station also.

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I would love to have a Wyze weather station as well!


I like the Wyze products a lot and like the idea, a weather station user network afterwards would be nice. First Wyze weather stations love that idea….


Wireless Digital Indoor outdoor Temperature Gauge Humidity Monitor with App Alert

I see a lot of suggestions about adding a temp sensor to the cameras, but I would like to see a wireless indoor outdoor Temperature weather Monitor Station. It could be part of the camera setup and have the info as part of the app, but…

I envision it to be an entirely separate system from the cameras (or tied in if it’s easier) with a visual weather station that can be on a table or mounted on a wall with displays for several areas that are being monitored either inside the home or outside the home. It would be great if the app portion was similar to the scale with graphical historical data as well. I would love a a stand alone home product that had multiple wireless sensors that could be placed indoors or outdoors and could send info to your phone AND to a visual display on a table or hung on a wall. The display would be a record of what is currently happening with maybe a weather forecast, the app would have the current info and historical data…