We’re Giving Wyze Person Detection to All Users at Whatever Price You Want - 1/11/22

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I’m still not able to activate van lite on any of mine. I’ve subscribed, paid, turned on, and selected person identification for each of the 7 non cam plus cams I have and it said “done” When I try to turn on person detection in event recording I still get the need cam plus message. Is it just slower to roll out to some users yet or do I have a more complicated issue here?

You don’t have to go in the smart detection option. It’s for CamPlus only.

As you have already activated your cameras in Account/CamPlus lite, it should work. If you want notifications only when a person is detected, select Wyze AI Events in the notification section.


Then I guess we wait and see. Thanks.

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Have you gone to the Cam Plus Lite under account and selected the camera’s there? When setting them up there, it asks if you want to set Notification for Person Detection during that process as well?


They don’t know me any better than the vagrant does that I walk by on my way to work. :blush: So, yes I am a stranger to Wyze.

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Yeah, I did that on the 7 cams not using cam plus and then activated the person detection as well. My error may have been assuming I needed to toggle the “person detection” switch in “event recording”. So I guess I don’t know if a person that’s triggers a notification will also record the event in cam lite as well.

I set my in-laws up last night. They only use Cam Plus Lite now. Today I went through the events and saw a bunch of person Detection and Motion Detection as I did not turn off All Motion. So, in this case, they camera’s did see a person, did record the 12 second event and tagged it correctly, and does notify as well. But if the person enters 12 seconds after the recording as started, then there is no Person Tagged nor recorded in the event area. However, I also have SD Cards in their camera’s and I was able to go to the SD Card at the same time code and voila, I saw the full recorded event to include me walking into frame well after the 12 seconds.

I used to have the SD Card setup for Event Only and have changed them to continuous recording - just to be safe. I started doing this when my in-laws was having some work done at their house and Miss Utility cam to mark Gas and Power Lines, but went into their garage. We have thew full recording and was able to provide it to the police.


Get directions to provide for signing up for that bit of service are so convoluted. I would think that one could make it a simple one click thing but for some reason, Wyze is extraordinarily verbose in their directions which makes them very foggy and very difficult to understand and even then they don’t work the way they’re advertised to…

It can be a little convoluted at times.

That’s nice. Can I update my cameras yet without bricking them? And if they do get bricked will I get new cameras?

I keep getting emails and notifications for lite but all the links just lead to buying a plus subscription. I originally had plus but didn’t find it useful for me. I have an sd inserted so I don’t know how this convoluted system all works together. Will this make it more reliable? Often the cam is not accessible even if I’m standing next to it with perfectly good internet. At least my old cams were accessible locally on my lan if the Webservice or internet had issues…

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What size SD card will the Cam v2, v3 and outdoor support once the software push is made?

From what the employees clarified on Discord when asked:
SD card size should only be limited to whatever SDXC with exFAT currently goes up to,

I know there are currently 1TB cards available, and 2TB cards were expected to be available soon, probably this year, and Wyze said on Discord that these would work in the cams (if/when they have the updated firmware).

As the tech advances to fit more in smaller capacities, experts expect we’ll get 4TB cards and eventually all the way up to 128TB into SDXC cards…and as long as they’re still using exFAT, they should work.

But for now since only 1-2TB microSD cards with exFAT even exist, that would be the current limit, only because there aren’t any other options in existence yet.


At the risk of stating the obvious, I think it should be said the SD card is worthless if a home burglar steals the camera, right? Under that scenario, the cloud clip might be the only video evidence you have to document the crime, right?

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Yes and I recommend doing it that way. I have been for 3+ years.