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There’s a setting in Wyze cams to detect smoke/carbon monoxide detectors (it hears the sound of the alert) and sends a notification which ties into the home monitoring if you add the camera. A dedicated solution would absolutely be a great thing, but wanted to make sure you knew that option was there until they roll one out.

I think the smoke detectors would be great. I know the cameras have that option but I don’t have a camera in every room. I really think that having a smoke detector can go really far. I have two small children and if a fire breaks out I want to know where it is. The camera just tells me an alarm has been detected. An actual smart smoke detector can tell me which room it is being triggered in and where I need to avoid. Please make the smoke detectors!

1.Option to mute notifications while system is Disarmed.

2.Multiple user pin and app log in.

Away + Vacation Mode: which will randomly turn on lights/plugs for random lengths of time during defined times/days

Cellular backup can already be done with a wireless hotspot. I am not sure why everyone wants it built in to the system. Verizon only works in my area. ATT does not. So which provider does Wyze implement to satisfy everyone? ATT and GSM is worthless to me. Not to mention you now have additional firmware to update and maintain. Wyze might as well raise the cost because by the time you start adding all of the functionality the world wants, it will cost more to use and maintain all the software and integrated cellular technology. For the record, I am in the software and technology field, so I have some knowledge.

Hey just so you know, the hub does have a battery built into it that lasts 10 hours.

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Yes it does have a battery. Anyone who already owns one or has read this forum completely should know this as it is quite obvious it still works when unplugged. I am not sure why the question still gets asked.

Water sensor!

Quite possibly because there is literally nothing in the app to show battery level. Nothing on the box, nothing in the printed instructions, and nothing in the in app setup that says it has a battery. In fact, even the unit itself does not say it has a battery in it.
Furthermore, unplugging mine causes it to shut down.

So yeah… people are going to keep asking.

If its got internal backup great, but if you dont have a way to monitor that you’re on backup, or any idea of how much time you have on backup (since theres no way to see what level charge the internal battery has) its not really well implemented.

No need to keep asking

Battery unplugged

Battery info


Here is the link that explains everything including the 10 hour battery backup it includes. Click the Details tab and the. Specs of the hub.


I will just include it here for you.

Wyze Sense v2 Hub


White base with grey speaker top



Dimensions (H x W x D)

4.5” x 4” x 1” / 114.3 x 101.6 x 25.4 mm


Built-in rechargeable battery

Battery backup life: 10 hours

Battery cell composition: 18650

Battery power: 3.7 V, 2600 mAh

Battery weight: 11.5 g

Number of battery Cells: 1

Personally, even if it is on battery, the last thing I am going to do is keep refreshing the app to watch the power level go down. If it’s plugged in, I know I have battery backup if the power is removed. If yours just shuts off, maybe the plug came loose or something. As another user just included photos of the inside the hub, the battery looks to be easily replaced. Also a new firmware version is available, so try and update it. I know a relatives I ordered talks and says it’s running on battery backup where mine does not. I preordered mine back in December 2020 and ordered theirs in April. I am assuming a different hardware or firmware version. At the end of the day, I still believe this is a reasonably priced alarm and zero complaints with Wyze’s first attempt.

Nice, thanks for taking it apart! I know people like 18650 cells.

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In everyones attempt to prove me wrong, you’ve all missed my point completely.
The “GOTCHA” mentality on this forum really has to go away. We’re all people wanting to help other people, no?

There is literally nothing advertising the battery outside of the page on the website. and considering they will be selling this not on the website sometime soon, if not already, people are going to miss it. Not to mention that it’s only on the website if you click details, which I probably read in March, but after three months receiving a product that has literally no mention of a battery, you’d think it was a safe assumption without.

Next time I’ll just keep my feedback to myself instead of getting trampled by the lot of you.

@HDRock I appreciate your photos, because it answers my question that Wyze support couldn’t (because mine does not run when unplugged - ticket 1280491) But again, if someone isn’t actively checking this forum, they won’t see that.

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Right after I got it, I thought it might be causing some interference so the best way to do that test quickly was to take it apart and unplug it , I found it was not causing any interference
EDIT , and you know after I took it apart I had to take pictures :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I don’t think anyone is trying to prove you wrong. Just trying to answer your questions and clarify it does have a battery. This forum is meant for current users to provide constructive feedback, not bash the system and Wyze like some have tried. I could list a whole number of things I “wish” it could do, but at the end of the day, it works well for the price I paid. If they add more sensors like water and fire, I’d buy them. If not, I’ll be fine without them. My point is if the system doesn’t suit your needs, there are plenty of other options available.


please do pick up 8th, see people reporting issue at Turning Sound down on Home Security Hub
I myself could not alarm my system for once because of that, burning my annual plan and paying for last provider here.

8) OPTION TO DISABLE THE ENTRY & EXIT DELAY BEEPING (&/or change the volume of that beep to lower than the siren volume)


Wyze Home Monitoring needs a cellular backup option for people whose Internet may go out occasionally.

  1. Gonna throw my hat into the geofencing ring, more specifically muting notification of motion sensors when at home and unmuting them when away.

  2. Different voices for the system and keypad feedback.

  3. More of a product recommendation but glass shatter detection would be fantastic.


Same issue here. Also I didn’t get the wyze plug badge unlocked either when I set that up. :confused:

An almost must have is to have multiple emergency contacts to avoid a single point of failure (in case the single POC is indisposed) - to avoid police being called unnecessarily.