WCO (Wyze Cam Outdoor) - Won't Update Firmware

You are correct. At this point I can only recommend opening a ticket on the Suppport Page.

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I have the same issues. All other wyze cams update but get oops for base station and outdoor cam. I have tried many of the above things. I have contacted support multiple times and no response.

I also I can’t get cam outdoor to properly trigger events (people walk by too quick) and it won’t hold back up to base station or 1min refresh. Certainly not performing like the other wyze.

Update - I just unplugged the base station but didn’t unplug anything else. Then plugged back in and it upgraded fine. Did base station first then cam outdoor and both worked.


Good work @TKA Glad you had a successful update.

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Didn’t work for me. I just unplugged the power from the base, went and got the WCO and placed it within a couple feet of the Base. Then plugged the power back into the Base.

Same Oops after attempting the WCO firmware update, base is already current.

I’m at a loss at this point. Probably have to open a ticket… not sure how all that will go.

@DroidST Did you ever get this resolved? I am having the same issues with my two WCO’s and have even tried flashing it with an SD card to update FW, but to no avail. Any help is appreciated

What firmware do you cameras and base have now?

Base →
WCOs →

??? I don’t even see that on the list of firmware. There is a from September 2020 ?
Did you format the card prior to loading the new firmware file from April 19, 2021 ?

Yes, it’s version .158, see screenshot. I did not format the card prior, I will try now!

List of firmware is here; Maybe it was a Beta ?? Good luck

Still no luck… hopefully Support can help

You can call them at 1-844-999-3226 but I am sure they will tell you to try the flashing firmware with the SD card, just tell them you already tried that many times. That is a pretty old firmware you have on those cams I think.

Nope, the WCO won’t update, its base will.

So far, it’s the only Wyze product I’m not a fan of.

Frustrating. Base station update firmware. check. WCO. Nope, not on either one of them. These are new out of the box and cannot even have a warm fuzzy first time plug in and go. Same issues as been stated here. disconnected base station. no change. rebooted cams. no go. removed cams, readded. no go. It seems like this is not a new issue - so what is Wyze doing to correct it? Has anyone found a solution?

I opened a ticket and they recommended submitting a log. I would do the same so they have more records of this issue. A technician told me this in an email, “I apologize for the frustration in this, we have noticed other users with this same issue and we are currently working on a fix. In the meantime, please attempt rebooting your router and trying to update the Outdoor Cameras again.”

At least they are aware and working on a fix, but yeah, this is frustrating.

Oh yeah they are aware of it as they have been since the day they released the firmware on 19 April 2021. There are numerous other post on the board about the issue. I guess I was lucky, I waited two weeks then updated via the app, all 4 cams and the base without issue.

Just got a 2nd WCO yesterday and it won’t update either. Did all the steps above and still no update to V4.17.1.52.

Seems like all week nothing but issues with WCO and Pan Cams. To not being able to update, view motion as it happens, and dam O6 error codes all day long. Very frustrating. Will enter in a few tickets I guess.

Okay, so I was finally able to update my two WCO firmware to the latest version. Earlier this week, I tried to manually flash it with a microSD card containing the FW file but it didn’t work. I tried all the other tips and workarounds to try to update it, but nothing worked. When speaking to support again, they mentioned this regarding the SD card because the WCO was not even recognizing the card being inserted:

“Wyze Cam supports 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB Class-10 microSD cards in FAT32 format. The camera will recognize larger cards (64GB+) that use exFAT, but these cards are less stable and are more likely to experience issues in the long run. While there are ways to force larger cards onto the FAT32 format, they are less likely to be recognized by the camera and may corrupt your data. I hope your microSD is compatible with Wyze devices.”

The SD card I was using prior was a 64GB exFAT format. I used my 32GB card which was FAT32 format and I made sure I formatted before adding the latest FW file. Once I had the file on the card, I inserted into the slot of the WCO. Nothing happened, but I power cycled it and nothing happened. Then, with the card still inserted, I decided to try to push the “Update” button in the app for the new FW. After a minute or two, it updated the FW! I grabbed my other WCO, inserted the card, power cycled, and then pressed Update within the app and same thing, it updated to the new FW. My guess is that the camera tried to update over WiFi and then sees the file on the SD card and just updated that way because WiFi doesn’t work.

In short, copy the FW file onto a compatible microSD card, insert into WCO, power cycle, push update in the app, and it should finally update. I hope this helps you all!

Sounds like support read you the directions from the support page.The only thing the directions don’t say is that the SD should be FAT32. I have some 64GB cards in some of my WCO and V3 they are formatted to FAT32.