WCO v2 & Solar Panel - charging trouble?

I have traded panels with a working setup (WVO V1 and panel) and still had the issue on the v2, but the v1 continues to work fine with the othe panel. It’s def the v2 cam

All my cams (v2 included) have been at 100% for over a week now. Will keep monitoring.


Just this morning I noticed that my troubled wco v2 had shot up to 20% after bottoming out again.

Rhyme & reason both escape me at this point… :man_shrugging:t2:

The warranty replacements for both panel and cam are still at my parents house and we have yet to do any replacing. Might have a good ladder climber tomorrow.


What does telling the Outdoor Cam Settings that a solar panel is Installed do? Just plugged in mine. Thanks!

The Outdoor Camera wakes up every time it detects a USB power connection, and then restores a connection with the base station. The new Solar Panel accessory setting in the app gives the option to turn this action off, to keep the camera from waking up every time a solar panel applies voltage. At the end of the day the solar panel will actually apply voltage several times as the sun gets weaker.

So a small efficiency increase.


Thanks! Appreciate the explanation.

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Just noticed mines on 91%, been 99 for weeks

Cloudy days will do that to you.

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For me, the solution has been to reboot the cam and it will go back to charging for some amount of time, then decide to stop again. I’ve done this several times now.

I opened a case and sent log info to Wyze. Awaiting the next firmware release to see if anything changes.

I am curious to know if anyone sees their cam stop charging (even when it’s sunny and really should be) over a period of days, if you find rebooting the cam kick starts the charging process again. And how long before you potentially observe it stops charging again. For me, it’s been generally a week or so but I need to keep better track of it.

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Ok, it’s at 87% today. Other 3 cars, 2 of which are right next to with panels facing the same way as the v2, are at 99-100%. It’s been sunny. I will give it a few days to see if it picks back up, then will attempt to restart it. Cam log 671349

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