WCO simple approach

mounted my WCO in a Birdhouse i had picked up a while back was going to mount a solar panel with 2 6v batteries and a WCV2 but kept putting it off the was notified about the WCO so just popped it in there and i’ll be honest i’m very impressed with it image quality and response is right up there with some of the more expensive ones but thats typical with wyze anyway i’m kicking my self for not ordering a few more of the outdoor model and the only spare mSD cards i had were 128GB and wont work in these so i used windows disk partition utility and partitioned both cards with 32gb partitions and format in fat32 and they work fine until i order a few more 32gb cards and get my 128gb cards back anyway very pleased


Nice disguise! :+1:

Just curious if the hole in the house is as big as the black part of the camera? It’s hard to tell. Hopefully, it is. Otherwise, you may be covering the IR lights and part of the PIR sensor.

You’re correct The hole needs to be bigger as it is covering Partially the infrared and possibly the PIR so for now until my next day off i turned off the IR cause it was glaring back leaving a black image but set the night vision to auto and still has a good image because of plenty of outside light in driveway