WCO gets stuck at "gathering video data"

WCO has been an interesting experience so far. I am discovering many of its bugs and quirks. The right most 15% of the green zone does not seem to cause any triggers on my WCO. Unfortunately for me that is where my gate is located on the patio. When I manually try to look at the video stream, WCO gets stuck at “gathering video data” and does not load any video. Battery is also draining at 1% a day rate which is quite fast. While i want to love my WCO, some of these quirks are making it hard.
I do love the little cowboy hat, quirky and fun!

Try moving the WCO closer to the base station and see if it still gets stuck at “gathering video data”. If it works then the issue may be poor signal strength.
If it still doesn’t work then it could be the WCO or base station. You could try powering the WCO off and back on and/or rebooting the base station.


Thanks, will give these steps a try