WCO FIXED detection zone is a problem

I need the detection zone to run vertical. The fixed horizontal zone, especially being the lower half, limits the ability to properly capture motion.

Please allow the zone to be adjusted like on a V2. Or, at minimum to allow the current zone to have an option to run vertical across the middle. Even an option to adjust the zone in preset quadrants, both horizontal and vertical.

The WCO doesn’t detect motion from the video stream. It uses a PIR sensor that is fixed on the lower half of the view area. It’s physically impossible to move the area of detection. It’s a battery-saving design decision.

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This is a problem then. Why would they prevent the camera from detecting motion coming towards it? This leaves little time to capture someone or something, most people or vehicles coming towards the cam are out of sight by the time the cam starts the clip.


I have found it to be very responsive and quick to start recording. If you are designing a product with a 6-month battery life, you have to make design compromises to conserve every bit of energy possible.

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Um, rotate the camera 90 degrees? You’ll have to tilt your phone when you view it but it will get a little closer to the detection area you’re looking for…

That will not help because I want the top facing up. Also, I have limited places to mount the camera to make sure I capture the areas I want.

Ummm, then get a different camera that meets your unique needs? Sounds like your issues cannot be overcome by the WCO.

Do you need any help identifying an alternative camera?

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My needs are not unique. I am sharing and hoping to discuss relevant information.

If on the live feed I can see the motion tagging on movement outside the detection zone, then there is hope that what I am sharing is giving Wyze useful and pertinent feedback.

I could invest more than the cost of the camera into materials to mount the camera differently. Yet I have no desire to make the camera any more observable than it already is

The current limitations may cause customers to complain, resulting in returns. The current limitations are resulting in the most supportive Wyze advocates on YouTube to be giving the WCO less than steller recommendations.

Umm you can mount the camera as suggested above with nothing more than the materials it came with so I am not sure what you mean by “additional” materials.

The limitations you are describing are because the camera is battery vs powered and as a result of the price point it exists at.

And of course the camera has some legitimate bad design decisions. Audio is basically unusable for one, and so forth.

Hence my offer in identifying a camera that will better suit your needs.

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What you see in the live feed is what the camera sensor sees. But the ONLY way the WCO detects motion is via the separate PIR sensor as noted above. Two entirely different pieces of hardware, with minimal software control over the PIR sensor. Any tuning is dependent on the position of the camera body. And it detects motion by heat only.

This is why, as you point out in the thread title, the zone is fixed and can never be changed by Wyze.

So is everyone saying that the camera is not capable of detecting motion without heat?

Like when I see a clip of a car that was just started and pulls out of a parking spot?

Technically heat differential. It might or might not, depending largely on the distance and air temperature.

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I will look into housing options for a V2. Thanks

I see that on the App there is a Person notification option under Account > Notifications > for my WCO. I turned that on.

Also, after some manipulations and adjustments I was able to keep the WCO upright while aligning the detection zone where I prefer it to be.


I agree! When watching the playback of the recording, many times I wonder what triggered it because I see nothing on the screen, Recording needs to start much sooner.

I am not sure if the following is related to when a clip starts. When I click a cam from the home page to Live View: V2 takes a second or less to authenticate and stream; WCO takes close to 3 seconds.

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