WCO, exactly what triggers a recording?

I placed my WCO on my deck. I have the Distance and Sensitivity at 70. Other than when I first paired the device, I am not seeing any movement clips. I put a 32g card in the base and formatted it. I did the Take Photo and see that was saved, somewhere?

So, exactly what should trigger this? Cars driving by are not. Waving my arm in front of the cam isn’t, nor just leaving my hand and arm in front.

My V2 did capture the cars.

Android Samsung S20 Utra

Wyze App Beta 2.12.29

WCO Base Station

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Having the same issue. My old V2’s pick everything up fine. I moved my base station just about 30 feet from the WCO and still nothing. I can view live video. No issues. But I fiddle with the distance and sensitivity without luck. No detected movement. No alerts.

  1. did u toggle on “detection motion”?
  2. did u check the detection zone (blue shaded area)? only about 60% in the view field is within the detection zone. the top 40% view field is outside detection zone and thus will not trigger any motion detection

Thank you for the suggestions. Yes, event recording and detection are all turned on. All movement is happening inside the shaded area.

My settings are good.

I have a V2 shooting one direction, the WCO the other. Of approximately 15 vehicles that drove by and the V2 captured, the WCO captured 3 of them.

In addition, the WCO has the detection zone covering the entrance to our building. Not one person, including myself, has been detected.

This limited detection zone makes no sense. My goal was to get alerts for persons moving along the hill behind our parking spots while primarily monitoring the lot and the front entrance.

My next test was going to be placing the WCO on the dash of my vehicle. Unfortunately the WCO does not include Person detection so I am not sure how that will work out. Hopefully the Base will be in range.

if the car is fast, it won’t be able to catch it if the driving direction is perpendicle to the long side of the detection zone.

i sometimes have nothing in recorded videos because the person/car enter the detection zone and then are out of view field quickly before wco can record it.

for me, what i really need is outdoor version of v2

Well, with clear skys I am almost 100% for all vehicles. The WCO has yet to trigger a clip on persons.

I have the cam down low to keep it out of sight. It shoots through the deck railings. I will see if I can identify a higher place to mount it.

What are we supposed to do with the free triangle cup like free gift?

It’s a hat that goes on top of the camera as a sun shade. At least that’s what I think it’s for. And it’s cute.

I’m also seeing no evidence of PIR-based triggering. Sure I can turn on motion highlight and see people and things moving around in the image, but once I disconnect, no events ever get recorded.

I keep the night vision IR off, so the lights are not attracting attention to the camera. I do the same with my V2, also because it is behind a window.

I turned sensitivity up to 100, range still 70.

We took a walk today, took our time exiting and returning, making sure we were clearly in the detection zone. Also, on live view I see the motion tagging clearly identify and put a box around people walking by. Some moving north to south, we moved east to west.

Not one person clip generated.

Good news is most vehicles were detected and clips saved. This includes overnight.

In the morning, we face east, the sun does cause issues including clips of just shade moving.

how high is the camera mounted?

the distance might be too far for people to be detected

Wyze is indicating 25 feet, I am on the 3rd floor so definitely PIR from heat is not going to work well. But it still detected motion even in 70 degree rain. If it can put a motion box around people then shouldn’t it save a clip?

I believe WCO is in the “off” stage until it senses a heat signature which turns on the camera. As others have pointed out, I don’t think a camera on the third floor is going to be able to sense a heat signature change of a person on the ground at that distance, even though in “live” view you can see the people and “green box” the movement. Sounds like the WCO is the wrong camera for your application.

It can pick up a big object 25 feet away, but generally doesn’t in my experience. The other thing I noticed is unless there’s a flash card in the unit, it won’t ever notify of triggers

I am receiving Person triggers, now that it is an option. I actually receive as many, occasionally more, than from my V2. I have a SD card in the base.

@todwatts Since my V2 and WCO are saving clips of vehicles and persons at a similar rate, I am fine discovering the differences. The WCO does not save clips of shadows caused by clouds nor tree branches moving, like the V2 does. As I noted above, it is starting to recognize Persons, as well as the V2 does.

I am pretty sure the WCO incorporates movement, heat, reflections and other factors.

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Glad it kicked in and is working to your satisfaction! I know for a fact that WCO requires a PIR heat signature change in the detection zone … otherwise it does not turn on and stays in the “sleep” mode. Once the WCO detects a heat signature change, it turns on and uses pixel disruption (small to large, your setting) to refine how and when it records an event. Cars and people create a heat signature change. Leaves and clouds don’t. Glad you’ve fine tuned what you want your WCO to do.

I found that WCO is having issues with triggering recording on extreme right of the frame. Although my device shows the green zone is covered, the right 15% of the greeen zone does not cause any triggers at all. WCO has been quote a let down.

From what I have been learning, the movement has to be in the target area for several seconds to be captured.

It would help if you shared what was moving across the area that you feel should have been captured.

Thanks, it was a human moving across the target area. It gets pretty useless if human has to wait in the green area for a few seconds for WCO to capture. If it is how it is designed, IMHO it is a flaw :smiley:

There is a lot to consider. I just placed several LED light panels that turn on by motion detection, within about 10 feet away. I am not sure how far away the Wyze Sensor works, but inside my home it works far enough.

I have owned several battery Ring products and am on their Neighbors forum. Most people with any kind of outdoor camera tend to not see a Person event captured until someone has been moving for at least several seconds. Anything less and you would be seeing every bird, piece of trash or random shadows that move by all day long. If someone is walking by quickly, my Ring might not start in time to show anyone. Like the Wyze V2, you need a hard wired Ring to continuously record and to see a few seconds back.

For security purposes, one would need to invest in a hard wired system. That starts around $500 if you do not mind grainy images as well as motion sensing in close proximity.