Wattage Rule

It’s ben 48 hours and so far so great! I opened the app to see the features and found 2 variations of run time were available.

I’d like to put this outlet to use in my garage with a Trickle Charger connected to my car battery. I travel a lot and my car dealership told me that my 12-14 day work trips were killing the health of my battery and suggested a trickle charger. It would be great to switch on the outlet the morning of a travel day and automatically switch it off some time after the wattage drops.

(I have a D-Link Smart Outlet DSP-W215 which measures wattage, but (to my knowledge) does not allow a rule to power off the outlet when wattage drops.)

Are you running something off of your vehicles electrical system that has a large power consumption on the system?

the wattage drops on the trickle charger itself and would only be showing less power if measured at the contacts going to the battery, only its output slows, not it’s draw. its not something the plug would be able to adjust to as it would not show on the back end for the plug to measure.

but as an alternative. if you set a schedule on the plug say for every 6 hours for example. it would put charge into the battery for a while and then shut off automatically. this would keep the battery with a moving current, exactly what the trickle charger does innately.


If you really need a trickle charger , I recommend this one , it’s all automatic , won’t overcharge and there’s no reason to turn it off or on at a set time
Also comes with the Included quick connect harness that makes it convenient