Watch Wyze Cam on a smart tv?

I have 4 V2s and I use google home with a chromecast and have no issues! Can only view one at a time but thats great considering the price!


I’m using and Andriod phone, so this may not aptly apply. There is an Andriod app called TinyCam Pro that allows you to view the cameras, there is a cast function and I’ve been able to view multiple cameras. TinyCam only supports up to 4 cameras at once in landscape and 3 in portrait modes. Without checking, I can’t recall if i used the mirror function built in to my phone, or if it was the TinyCam app for viewing multiple cameras, ut I do know it will support at least one.

FWIW, I love TinyCam Pro, I have other off branded cams that work flawlessly with it, if you’re an Andriod user, it’s a must have for camera viewing and control (Yes, it is able to control tilt and pan on capable cameras).


You can also get tiny cam pro on Amazon fire TV if you aren’t on android that’s how I did it. But I’ll admit I had a hard time getting tiny cam pro to work.

In TinyCam Pro, from the view page, hamburger menu in upper right you can get a lot of cameras per page looks like 18-20


Interesting, I’d not delved that deep into the view settings. Good to know, this make it all that much better.

I never messed with it on Firestick, maybe that’ll be another project. I found the FAQ page for TinyCam to be very helpful in getting Wyze cams set up. As I add more, I have to go back reread it, but once I get a refresher, it’s easy enough.

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You can see your Wyze videos on a TV using an Apple TV. Activate screen mirroring on your iPhone or iPad and voila! It’s on your TV, smart and otherwise. In case you do not know how to activate mirroring, just put your finger on the upper right hand corner of your iOS device screen and pull down. One of your options is screen mirroring.

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Well - Wyze decided to release RTSP last year, but in only in beta. For a time, it worked and I was able to view it on my Roku device with VLC and a couple of other apps. But Wyze kept on upgrading their firmware and I lost all my settings.
Best is to buy a cheap NVR ~ $40 which connects to your router and displays via HDMI on your TV and you can connect all Wifi enabled cameras which have RTSP.
It would have been great if Wyze released their own NVR - but right now, it is a mess.

I am able to see the cams by using the Firestick on my Samsung smart tv. There’s a considerable lag, and constant re-booting tho. Could that’s probably on my 3mb limit network?—I have great streaming on both my Firestick and on my Roku though.

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Using Chromecast to want the Wyze cam is not an issue. It is the reliability of the video and delay issues and this is with a fast network and internet.

Tried Tiny Cam on my Android phone. It is really cool. With the Wyze app I am not sure that it is not redundant. Will try on my mothers Google TV and see if it helps with these issues.