Watch Stainless steel Straps, other replacement strap options

A stainless steel strap for the watch would be nice.

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A standard 22mm band should work on the 47mm, by my measurements. I already have some in the mail. Its and odd balance though - I’m going to end up paying more for the bands than the watch. That’s like $100 shoe laces on $50 shoes.

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Is there a watch strap available for the Wyze watch 47 that is larger. If not does anyone know if there is a after market strap that would work.

Thank You

I for one would like a stainless steel strap.

I would like a black Milanese strap. Had it on my previous watch and loved the fact that it “breaths”, is infinitely adjustable and lays flat at the bottom of your wrist (no clasp beneath your wrist when you are using a keyboard)