Watch not updating weather

Does anyone else have issues with the weather updating on watch. I find myself having to go back into the app turn off updates then on again. Not sure what the issue is had no problem with band updating

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Absolutely. My 47 watch can go many hours without updating weather until I happen to click weather in the app, As I’ve asked before, how does the watch update weather, and can we push it to update on demand?

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Just noticed that this morning.

Not sure what day it is displaying weather for, says rainy on the watch and everywhere else says it’s going to be nothing but sunshine today.

Also, today is Wednesday and when swiping up it gives me Mon, Tues and Wed. I would expect Wed. on the first screen and Thurs, Fri, Sat as the forecast days.

ETA: and because they are so different I figured I would mention I have a 44.

Mine does not have stop watch.

I sort of wish I had this problem. I cannot seem to find a way to stop my watch from notifying me EVERY out what the weather is outside that I can already see. I would be super happy if it never notified me again.
I want to stop them until I ask for them.

I keep thinking I am getting a text message or notification of something important. Super frustrating. :frowning:

You can select what apps you get notifications for I switched off most of mine just call text and wyze notifications, works well.

Hmm. I don’t see anything abled for weather. I think its coming directly from the watch app. Does anyone know if there is a way to disable the hourly ( ish ) update for weather from the watch ?