Watch 47 and Google Fit

I have given up on it. I don’t think the product is ready for prime time. What bothers me about this is that the company does not seem to care. The Wyze Band was released before the watch and the band users complain about problems syncing with Google Fit as well. Wyze has this problem and does not seem to be interested in fixing it, Nor are they interested in removing the feature from the advertisements. I purchased the product because they said that it works with Google fit. I have Wyze cameras, switches, light bulbs, and a thermostat. They all work as advertised. I figured that watch would as well. Clearly I was wrong. I will now be less likely to purchase their products before they have been released and reviewed. I think they tried to grow too fast. THe released some many products in a short period of time. I wonder if the other products were half baked as well.