Watch 47 and Google Fit

After Syncing the Watch with my phone and connecting it to Google Fit, Google Fit does not update activity from the Watch. Should not the Watch send my steps info into Google Fit? It has Read/Write access to Google Fits fitness activity.


It appears the Wyze Watch sadly suffers from the same sync issues the Wyze Band does:

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Well if it’s like any of the other issues wyze has with ALL of their products get ready to wait a few months for a small trickle of features nobody asked for before they finally decide to lock google fit syncing behind a cloud subscription and require a separate firmware. Let’s just hope a dead battery in the watch doesn’t make the device a paperweight like it did with the door sensors.


Same here… Why isn’t the data syncing. I have my Wyze Watch set to measure headset rate every 5 minutes. I see the data in the Wyze app but nothing in Google Fit.

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Same problem here. Wyze claims their watch syncs with Google Fit, which is false advertising, because it does not. My Mi Band 4 syncs perfectly with Google Fit. I’ve gone back to it. Will hold onto the Wyze watch for a bit and see if they actually live up to their claim, otherwise will be returning.

Good luck returning it. I bought a bunch of crap from wyze in December. No matter what I tried the website would deny me the ability to start a return. So after 30 days of getting nowhere with about $100 worth of paperweight products I just sold all of it to another member on here all for $5. But he didn’t want one of the v3 cameras. So I still have it. Still broke as the day I got it. Now the watch is yet another busted up product from wyze.

I started using my watch Monday night. It failed to track my sleep that night. Tuesday and Wednesday, it did track my sleep, but the sleep data never made it into Google Fit. My other data did, however. Today, none of the data has gone into Fit. On a positive note, my notifications started to work.

The Wyze app often restarts when I look at the watch data.

Not a great user experience. I purchased it because they said it would work with Google Fit. I transferred Fitbit data into Google Fit. The price point on the watch was great, but I can spend more to get a product that works out of the box.

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I installed the WyzeBeta and data actually synced but my watch disconnected and syncing was more difficult between WyzeBeta and watch. I reinstalled the stable Wyze app and again no data syncs with Google Fit or partial data does. When I pair a Galaxy watch days of info are imported into Google Fit, not partial or no data. I understand that if I use the beta app that synchronization between Fit and Wyze work better but I agree with others, Wyze said it would work and it should. I’m giving up until a few firmware updates come out.

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I tried the watch for a week. I have switched back to my fitbit. The issues with syncing with google fit and the poor sleep tracking are the main reasons for the switch. I purchased the device for the health information and because it said it would work with google fit. If I just wanted time and notifications, I would still be wearing the device.

I love how people are still willing to stick up for this company.

I have the same issues with the Wyze Watch and Google Fit. When I read all these comments I never find any replies from the Wyze team. I know the watch was only $20 but that doesn’t mean the simplest of functions shouldn’t work.

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I have tried just about everything to fix this, with suggestions from Wyze tech support. Even pairing the watch on a different phone, deleting the app off of my phone and reinstalling it. Nothing works. Either Wyze should not have released the watch yet or should not have indicated that this function works at its release. A co-worker of mine has the Wyze watch also and it don’t work for him (along with Notifications). Wyze, please get this working. Don’t be working on any new products until you get the current catalog working properly.

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My Wyze watch also sporadically seems to sync to google fit. Some days it syncs all the data other days it’s just part of the data and some days it doesn’t sync any data. I have contacted support and they were supposed to pass me to the technical team who was supposed to contact me within 24 hours but I haven’t heard from them and we are going on 2 days. I did get all my notifications to work after going through several of the steps in the forums.


I can only get data to sync between the watch and Google Fit is to unauthorize and set it up again. Data syncs over then promptly stops 5-10 minutes later.

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