These cameras have INSANITY-STUPIDITY level security flaws by design.

LITERALLY ANYONE can walk into your house, hit reset on your camera, and hook up the camera to their account! Even worse, when they do that, your notification videos disappear so you can’t even see who did it!!!

I have contacted Wyze multiple times over the last couple of days, with receipts for my cameras ready to go, and they have done NOTHING! They have confirmed NOTHING! They have not even restored A SINGLE VIDEO! I have offered them police report numbers, proof that I hired an attorney and that I have someone breaking and entering into my house, they have done NOTHING! It seems that the person who broke in also knew the wifi code, so had the camera repurposed into his own persona spy camera!!! Wyze has done NOTHING!!! The guy who broke into my house has over 13 arrests including violent arrests, fights with police officers, and has assaulted me personally, and I now he’s breaking into my house and maybe even spying on me! This is exactly the opposite of what I bought these for!! Please do not buy this product, and if you have, please complain directly to Better Business Bureau, your purchase is not what you think it is.

This is a tech startup with literally ZERO experience or common sense in SECURITY.


No, you failed to control physical access to your house, and you failed to secure your wifi sufficiently. Not Wyze’s fault at all.