Want More? Wyze Sense Will Be Back Tomorrow 5/8


I correctly sensed this was about to happen :wink:


Actually I was able to purchase at 9 EST

Anyone else getting 504s? Is the site really that overloaded, are they getting DOSed?

We are getting overloaded. Team is working on it and should be back soon. Stay tuned!

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Fixed! https://www.wyze.com/wyze-sense/ or you can place it inside the app at the moment

Just ordered 4 motion sensors and a contact sensor kit - Sweet!


Can we get an option for just hubs? I have a large old house and need at least two more hubs for my existing Sense products to work.

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We currently don’t sell just the hubs but one can support hundred sensors. You would have to check the range and would probably also need more contact sensor (which would come with a hub :slight_smile:

I don’t need more contact sensors. The ones I’m using are on opposite sides of the house and the hub won’t reach them both so I need a second hub.

Don’t need sensors at this point and I know I’m not the only one wanting just hubs who was hoping that would be an option today.

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Yes I had to order another starter kit just to get another bridge/hub… I need at least 2 hubs due to range issues with sensors. I ordered 5 motion sensors and am speading them out far from the original hub. Already have one contact sensor that is going offline often which I assume due to range. Please make the bridge /hub available to purchase separately .

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I have the same problem as @bbowen and @mrgadget – some of my sensors are located where their signal to the bridge must travel through multiple walls or dense materials (cabinets, bookcases). As a result, the alerts from these particular sensors sometimes do not get recorded. The host camera (with the bridge) is in the location it is needed and it is not feasible to re-locate this camera. So, please consider offering bridge units as individual purchase items. It would be a great help.