Wall Mounted Fan with Phone control

So My air conditioning died on me, and I have to wait for maintenance, but I need to buy some fans; I would like to control them by phone and would like them on the wall and not on the ground where my Wyze robot vac will have to keep wasting batteries to get around. I have pretty much eliminated everything, even my coffee table, and attached that to the wall so my robot vac will vacuum the bottom of it. Most of all, my shelves are attached to walls, and there are very few; who needs frames? I am a minimalist. I have checked all of Amazon, and no one is selling a Bluetooth-controlled wall fan that moves side to side. We are in 2021, and no wifi or blue tooth wall fans? Absurd. I cn not install ceiling fans because my 1970’s rental 1st floor is too low, but the second floor is 12 feet, both rooms have ceiling fans. I would like to see this wall fans Waterproof! For outdoor patio use as well! Can attach mist sprayers to it to cool the guest. Need concrete wall anchors or siding anchor, or a fence connector vice on top of a six-foot fence. Also a wall smart plug outlet from side to connect lighting from it so we can connect a series of devices or other fans.

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Huh? What good does a fan do when it’s against a wall?

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Although I do not normally recommend any Wyze products (JUNK) besides the cameras,

How about a Wyze plug for each standard fan, and it will even turn on randomly at night…LOL

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Thermostat! It will turn off when it’s set to 70 or 72 or whatever you put digitally. That way, it works with the airconditioning to conserve your energy bill. It also moves the stale air around the room. Fans help to dry moisture left by the cold air conditioners! The humidity from air conditioning is a very real thing. Some people open their windows, but that lets the air out; you consume more energy if you open your windows.

Air conditioners DRY the air. What are you talking about? The only "humidity* caused by air conditioners is the condensation OUTSIDE the house! (Unless perhaps the unit is incorrectly tilted.)

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As @Customer states an air conditioner will remove humidity from the air.

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Maybe they have evaporative cooling (Swamp Cooler) and don’t know the difference from an air conditioner?

Air Conditioners eat humidity they do not make it.

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