VROOM? V2? rc?

So is it only available on April 1st?


Yeah not to promising that it’s real :slightly_frowning_face:

If it’s half as good as the watch I’m in.

stay tuned

Yeah I agree. They mentioned that WYZE creates 500 every hour, 5,000 are available. So they have loads

Assuming that this is real, I still have to ask: why? Why spend time on this rather than working on existing products that have significant issues with software, firmware, etc. ? Seems like a distraction from the real problems.


This must be, real or not, in affect by the popularity of NASA’s Perseverance. Does any lone notice that the photo Wyze at the top of the email it does not look like a remote controlled normal car more like Perserverance.

I’m hoping it’s real. I’m getting ready to drop 3,000 on a crawl space robot for my home inspection business. It would be nice to try this out.

Folks. This is V1 of their April Fools joke. It is ham handed, released too early, too many errors, the writing is bad and it gets everyone excited. We all have to wait for V2. That joke will be funny.


Will it bring me a beer? Do my laundry? :beer: :womans_clothes:


That my friend, is funny. :rofl:

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*If I could tie the dog toys to it and drag them around the house while I’m in a meeting I’d take 2. I missed out on the “not a flame thrower” *

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hope they don’t test the “unbreakable armored” glass during the demo…no more Tesla fails for me!

Happy April 1st, my friends! :sparkling_heart::peace_symbol:

I would love a new RC car, but if you can put the V2 on it, how do you power the camera, or am I out of the loop on that?

Any chance there will be a Wyze Tricycle or Scooter :motor_scooter: that works with obsoleted V1 Cams? What can I do with my old V1s?

Im sure the battery from the car, powers the camera.

Standing by ready to buy!

If this is an April fools joke and I get up early for no reason … I will not be laughing … just saying