VROOM? V2? rc?

It sounds like you had an incredible (ok, minor) amount of bad luck in this instance. This sucks and we (ok, I) feel for you.

But look on the bright side! At least you don’t have a forehead shaped indentation in the middle of your keyboard/touchscreen/tablet/phone/etc. like a high percentage of other potential buyers do/did yesterday. At least Keyboards/Touchscreens/Tablets/Phones/Etceteras-R-Us was open for their replacement needs. (I personally have several spares on hand for just such an emergency. I keep them next to the wall patch kits and buckets of Spackle.)

As for “Would think anyone familiar with anything would know this to not be indicating I was incredibly stupid to think that the message was emailed directly to a folder by sender”, have you ever worked in IT Support? This stuff happens ALL THE TIME. ANYONE with more than a week on Phone or Deskside Support has stories of “My Computer Doesn’t Work” where the root cause of the issue is either it isn’t turned on, the monitor is off, there is a power outage, the power strip is off, the power strip isn’t plugged in, it’s working but the app they want to use isn’t installed on this device, this isn’t their computer and they can’t find their files, there is a network/Internet outage that they have been informed of but they still feel the need to let us know that THEY TOO have the same issue as everyone else and that IT needs to fix THEIR (not related to their system in any way) issue because they have IMPORTANT work to do! No, it doesn’t matter that the Telco 3 counties over cut a fiber causing an outage over the entire tri-state area, we need to fix it NOW!

So yeah, I guess I am not a fan of Cloud Based offsite main storage and app hosting, but I digress.

But back to the subject at hand, I suspect that since Wyze was able to contact their supplier to up the order the same day to cover the certain number of items that were inadvertently sold prior to the announced launch time (VERY MUCH their fault) and as the initial allotment was only 5000 cars (microscopic in terms of how many cameras and ANY OTHER ITEM they sell) that they should/would/could probably place a more substantial order for a second run of these. Possibly with upgrades to allow use with the V3 and/or Pan cameras as was discussed/requested/whined about in this and other threads.

Oh well, I wish you good luck in your quest for a car. I hope they do offer an additional run of these. (just not on April 1st next time. Maybe Cyber Monday???

I had better leave now. I don’t want to annoy anyone more than I already have.


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Oh, and props for the Alanis Morissette reference. Gawd I have learned to hate that song over the years.

I’m the worst with forums, so I hope someone that is interested in what I have to say, sees this post…I think “overall”, my WyzeCam V2 is better than my V3. It does everything it is supposed to, AND has excellent audio. My V3 has horrible static to the point to where nothing can be heard except for the static. Because it was so cheap, I just use it for the “video” capabilities.
So, from my perspective, I would’ve like to see a VROOM using V2 versus V3

I had to delete my cam and readd it and everything works after the update. No more static :ok_hand:t2:

The Wyze car is only compatible with the V2 and not the V3 or any other camera.

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Trying to get through REPEATED crashes trying to order the Truck on April Fool’s day…I think is just making a lot of us ANGRY. I and a lot of other people have bought a lot of Wyze products…and this is the first time Wyze has let us down with this BAD DECISION to have this once-per-hour lucky crash-a-thon. Please next time…just take pre-orders till you can’t…and we will wait a few months for delivery like ususal. I am now on my third hour try to get one of these damn trucks.

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What I don’t understand is I had 1 in my basket and they wouldn’t let me check out ( system crash, slower?). Then poof it was gone.

I tried 8 different hours. Each time, except the last, I was able to get the item in my cart. Three times I was able to get to the checkout option. From there I tried to process my payment. Two times it did nothing. One time it said my cart was empty. The rest of the time when I tried to check out I got the maintenance error. A VERY BAD experience!


Correct adding it to your cart even if you were signed in did not guarantee you a car. Sadly they need to do something like Amazon and the lightning round were once it’s added to your cart you have a timeline 15 minutes to complete your order where it’s locked in your cart and then it goes back to a general pool. I tried every single hour yesterday and every single hour I got it to my cart four times I went through Amazon pay completed payment and pending on Amazon pay over $400 and no car.

Not complaining anymore that was yesterday now we’re onto a new thing we’re hopefully they’re going to review their process and make the process better or they change their current process or the process in which they give out limited edition items.

Wyze, this was a MAJOR failure. By the time I finished, I I had a SEVEN carts with a car in my cart, SIX times made it through to the payment. I tried EVERY payment option, Amazon Pay, PayPal, and credit card, and it failed every time while processing the payment. All payment and shipping info entered, hang, hang hang, fail. Different devices even. Tried all the tricks people mentioned. Fail, Fail, Fail. Ridiculous that once something was carted, it wasn’t held from inventory for a period of time until payment was made. SEVEN TIMES. I find it hard to believe that not one of you on staff ever experienced a situation like this without feeling similarly disappointed in the company that provided the bad experience. And, being the innovative company you are, why you didn’t understand that this would happen with a cart system like this.

I understand this was a “cool marketing idea”, but this was the worst kind of marketing. There are a LOT of angry people (read that as loyal customers who supported you and WERE excited whenever you announced a new product).

I am seriously considering refusing the package when my bulbs arrive.

You really need to make this right by offering more devices at a later date.


same thing here, had the car in the cart 5 times and failed every time. ridiculous.

What did people think was going to happen with a wide customer base and a very limited offering?

The math shows that there are going to be a lot of disappointed people out there. Though some were disappointed as a result of their lack of ingenuity.

At the top of each hour, we all knew that there would be an onslaught of customers all trying to buy one of only 500 cars.

The slow internet activity shows you the pressure that was in play.

Thousands of people would try, but most would fail.

Customers who were able to get the item into their cart stood a much better chance at purchase. Any delays in the process though, reduced their percentage of success dramatically…

People that had multiple opportunities with the car in their cart have no right to complain.

Their failure to think outside of the box cost them their car. This happened to me twice, and I knew a different strategy would need to be put into play.

Once I had the item carted, I waited. I did not try to move forward and have some delay cause the item to be sold out, by the flurry of action going on around me.

Instead, I waited till the next offering. With the car in cart, I was patient. pPlaying the long game was the strategy that would bring me success.

As soon as the time was close for the next hourly surge, I moved the item in my cart to the purchase phase.

Then when the hoards were all pounding at their keyboards in an effort to cart one, I hit the pay button and the purchase was mine.

I advised 4 other people of this strategy and they all have made a subsequent purchase. Two of them had even made two purchases.

The architecture of the internet and the point of sale processes are not designed to handle the amount of sales that were attempted.

The marketplace does not build their infrastructure for the rare onslaught that happens during these types of promotions.

Nor can the brick and mortar operations control the runaway crowds on black friday.

Instead, be creative. Don’t keep doing the same thing over and over again, and then complain about the poor results. Especially when you know that this strategy isn’t working on multiple attempts.

Limited numbers means limited success. More people will be disappointed, than be successful.

Just wait till next time.

There will be new promotins.


Thank you! I said something similar on another post and some person just went off on me.

I had a slightly different strategy. The only time I refreshed was right before it went live. I waited out the black bar for each step, rather than refreshing.

I even had to confirm my address. I didn’t have the option to use Amazon pay. I used a cc. I figured PayPal and Amazon are redirects, so no way was I going that route to make the process longer.

I got one at 7 pm central time. First attempt of the day, technically. The first part of the day I was working and missed the top of the hour by a minute or more and they were already sold out.

I get that people are disappointed… But it’s really not a big deal. If I got one I got one, if I didn’t I didn’t. Sure I’d be mildly disappointed but the amount of vitriol being slung at Wyze for this is utterly ridiculous. Frankly, these people are acting like spoiled toddlers who didn’t get the shiny. Someone should tell them it’s not a good look.

Also to those it concerns: Don’t bother trying to ‘come for me’ if what I’ve said makes you feel some type of way. You’re responsible for your own reactions and feelings.


Well said!

I was, as you say, “be(ing) creative”. I did the EXACT SAME THING that YOU are talking about. FIVE TIMES. Left it in the cart, clicked “Pay”, followed through all of the prompts, shipping info, choice of payment, clicked through to the end and it failed. It failed on payment, NOT in trying to get it into the cart. It failed in PAYMENT. It failed in PayPal. It failed in Amazon Pay. It failed in credit card. It failed on mobile. It failed on two different computers, in guest cart and while signed in.

I understand that there was a limited amount of product, and that there will be other opportunities to purchase things in this world.

This is a forum. I am not horrifically angry, I am expressing my disappointment in the way a company marketed a product, and then did a poor job of following through on the payment part of the equation.

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Someone stated they had 7 items in their cart and other people had purchased them multiple times. They should have had a limit of 1 per customer, woot does that when they sell BOC. It would have given people a better opportunity to purchase one of these, myself included even though I haven’t been able to get a BOC in years. It’s easy to be a Monday morning quarterback and honestly I didn’t think they knew it was be as popular as they were.
Maybe if they release these again they will have a better system in place. Let’s be honest I don’t think I would spend all day trying to get one.

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Lottery, send e-mail codes to winners with X hour expiration, repeat for any unclaimed codes until they’re gone. Do away with the Ticketmaster poaching angst that has wasted so many people’s time.

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It’s not a product. It was a flash sale. It was a promotional gimmick. I look at all the failures you list and don’t think you were actually using the method described. You were likely just throwing everything at the marketplace each and everytime. You may have been taking some of the steps, but not all of them. Even with all of that said, it’s just a toy. A toy that you could have only known about for 24 hours before you didn’t get one. If you are so disappointed that you have found need to post here means that you should reassess how much emotion you are putting into the success/failure in attaining one. There are multiple people who have already listed these on eBay. I am in-fact offering mine for direct sale - cryptocurrency payments only (tracked on the blockchain).


The one per customer thing is hard to enforce, but I definitely agree. I got one VERY early but never once tried for a second one. I didn’t think it was right. There were likely 4-10 times the number of customers who desired this item than were available. I think, had Wyze limited the sale to 1 per customer (IP address, login ID, shipping address, etc), they could have limited the “crowds” but it still wasn’t going to make a dent in the traffic.

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